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» Banks

snowmen help clear bank debts!
I accidently went into my overdraft one month and was sent a letter from my bank saying that would be charged £30 for this!

I wrote them a letter and placed pics of SNOWMEN and SANTAS around the edges and made "smiley faces" throughout - hoping they would let me off the charges, just this once! - as it was christmas time an all!

a few days later I get a call from said bank, who said my letter cheared up her morning and she would clear my charge for me! - apparently my letter was put up on the wall for everyone to see!

...i told my mate, who tried the same thing with her bank (copying my letter) and they also dropped the charges..

just goes to show it pays to be nice!!! :)
(Thu 16th Jul 2009, 15:12, More)

» Schadenfreude

nose hair and groin pain
my boyfriend of the time had a really long nose hair sticking out which i noticed when i glanced to him while driving.

so without thinking, i yanked it out!

apparently this hurts alot!! the boyfriend cried!!!! and i had to pull the car over as i was laughing so much!

I also accidently knee'd another b/f in the misters when i sneezed! - apparently this hurts alot too! ooops!
(Thu 17th Dec 2009, 13:20, More)

» Cars

my first ever car was a really old J reg nissan micra, who I named "Carzilla" just because of its fearlessness of everything! it had proper charactor and i loved him. that car never broke down for the whole 5 years i had him until its cambelt broke and killed him off proper!

the story is about my next banger/car "nissalini frankenmicra" (T reg). It had been "bad boyed up" with alloys and all extra surprises that i would find after i had bought it, like the rear windwiper not working, the inside lights not working, and tons of screws missing everywhere, including what held the gearbox thingy down (it came away while changing gear one day! - very scary!) also the clutch recently went and i have called out breakdown 3 times in the last year for this death-mobile!

but what really makes me wonder is why men feel the need to abuse this car!! (ive had it 1 year!)

its had its windscreen broken (news years eve), its been bled on, its had cling film wrapped around it and i dont know why, but it has been pee'd on twice! once in a tesco carback and the 2nd in a club carpark! GROSS!!!! why men why?

im saving for hopefully a nice car no. 3. - not a nissan!
(Fri 23rd Apr 2010, 12:08, More)

» Presents

incontinence nappy and breast firming gel
last year i was really poor, so signed up to all the free stuff websites, and throughout the year managed to collect a box full of stuff of freebies which ranged from (mainly) perfume samples and make-up samples.
but among these i also managed to get some spot creams, some sanitary towels, an incontinance nappy for adults, breast firming gel, tea bags, a chocolate bar, a cd, some jelly beans, a recipe calendar and some tights etc..

my friend who i gave this box of awesomeness too was actually pleased with it and has used most of the stuff in it! (apart from the nappy i am told!)
(Thu 26th Nov 2009, 13:39, More)

» Neighbours

neighbours running in pants!
last year there was a spat of car crimes in my area, where windscreens were smashed, tyres slashed and cars generally "went missing!"

now... I had a really old banger, that wasnt worth anything, so wasnt partically worried that the theifs would nick it, as they wouldnt get anything for it, or be able to drive it away very fast...

but one saturday night about 2am i get frantic knocks on my front door with an out of breath neighbour in just his pants weilding a big metal pole of some sort saying someone has just tried to nick my car!

he'd heard some commotion outside and decided to check it out, and when he saw 2 hooded yobs in my car he ran out and chased them down the road (in just his pants!! LOL)

i called the police, who came round and took statements and dusted for prints etc, but no-one has yet been caught sadly!

My mechanic the next day, came to repair the damage, (wires had been cut where the ignition is) and said they wouldnt have got far anyway, as they had cut the wrong wires!! LOL - AMATURES!!

Yay, for good neighbours tho!

*and i have a new car now with an imobiliser and a heavy duty steering wheel lock!!!
(Thu 1st Oct 2009, 15:30, More)
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