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» Conversation Killers

I work with this man and still can't look him in the eye.
A couple of years ago a new guy joined the company I work for, and I found out he lived in the village I grew up in. So chatting away I found out he lived in an area named "brookside" (it was built in 1986) While chatting away talking about how I used to know a bloke that lived their I mentioned the hot blonde girl that lived down that way and how she had lot's of naughty peircing and how I spent many a night trying to "fire in" (This was me being tactfull as I didn't really know this guy) then I finished off with the words "but she's dead now.

After a second or so of silence he replied "That was my daughter" and walked off

I am an arse
(Tue 17th May 2011, 18:09, More)

» Killed to DEATH

A guy
It was the 1997 I had been out on a night out with some friends and had pulled the short straw, I was the designated driver. Leaving a club at 3am we walked to the car when a couple of drunk guys approached weilding bottles. They started going on about stealing someones girlfriend or something and broke the bottle over my mates head. Now I am not a fighter I avoid fights and this incident was my first and last fight. Atthe time I was 11 stone and 6' tall I was a big lanky streak of pish to be honest but I hit the bloke. I punched him on the face and he went down like a sack of tatties. He hit his head and the noise didn't sound good.

He died 2 days later in Hospital.

At the trial even though their was CCTV and plenty of witnesses I was sure I would goto jail. But I didn't I didn't I was not guilty even though I killed him.

Not a week goes by without me thinking about.
(Fri 23rd Dec 2011, 12:13, More)

» B3TA fixes the world

Build some nuclear power stations

They are the only answer that actually works
(Fri 23rd Sep 2011, 11:16, More)

» Fairgrounds, theme parks, circuses and carnivals

The shows (Scottish for Fairground)
I fell off a spinny thing and broke my arm.

The only concerned party was a Jakey who asked if I was ok, before asking for 50p
(Thu 9th Jun 2011, 11:58, More)

» Stupid Colleagues

I used to work with a guy who was always eating, something to do with him always being at the gym.

One day while he was eating yet another banana I asked "graham do you buy those bananas in bulk ?"

"no...... Asda" was the reply

Another day he asked "why does the rain outside the factory always fell at an angle"

He accepted that it wasn't falling at an angle we.where just on the side of a hill
(Thu 3rd Mar 2011, 21:04, More)
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