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» Asking people out

Are on the train home and there is this smart girl who sits down opposite facing me, and begins to get her book out, harry potter, now all kinds of people have read, so dont think much of it.

Every so often she looks up from her book and smiles, being in my twenties and only recent ended my virginess, my confidence could be measured with probably a mass spectrometer.

I manage to mumble 'is the book any good?' to which she smiles yes and how it compares to the films etc. Being during the summer at the time, I ask so you off from Uni at the moment?

As the train pulls in -'oh no I have got my GCSE's next year'

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhh OMG 'PAEDO' flashes deep inside my mind!

Get off the train, unchain my bike and speed off, promising myself to never try to chat anyone up ever again!
(Sat 12th Dec 2009, 12:00, More)

» Real-life slapstick

Thrills and Spills
Working late at night in Bahrain in the midddle east, none of this health and safety type business, driving off site on a haul road miss the turn back on to the completed road.

"Ah I'll just do a little three point turn"

The rear of the pajero was lodged on a concrete ring in the bottom of the hole.

(Thu 21st Jan 2010, 16:13, More)