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» Guilty Laughs

the amusement of public transport
couple of example for you....

I was on the back of a bus when it stopped to let a young lad with a pair of rather full shopping bags on, now this was one of those buses that can lower to curb level to allow easy access, and all i saw was the doors open, and without even appearing to take a step the lad just fell forwards and being unable to use his hands (due to the shopping) faceplanted the floor with a rather impressive thud. As this was in the middle of the day my howling laughter was met with the dissaprving stares of a scattering of sympathetic old dears who couldn't see the funny side.

another time i was sitting in the luggage compartment on a busy train, right by those pesky automatic doors that seperate the main carriage from the toilet and main doors. As the train arrived into birmigham new street station everybody started to form an orderly queue i decided to remain seated until eveyone else had alighted, in front of me was a posh suited gent, who stood quite still as the doors closed in such a way that they pinged his glasses right of his face and closed on his nose, leaving him sore nosed and confused on one side and his glasses flying away on the other... i had to sit on the platform afterwards for about 10 minutes laughing like a crackhead.
(Fri 23rd Jul 2010, 13:02, More)

» Schadenfreude

Public Transport!
I was sitting in the luggage section on a busy train to birmigham one day, and there was a very smart suited guy standing infront of me waiting to get off, however he was standing by the automatic doors that seperate to carraige from the section with the exterior doors.

When these doors started to close they mangaged to just ping his glasses off his face sending them one side of the doors and leaving him the other, and i had to spend 10 mins sitting on the floor a birmigham new st, laughing like a crackhead!

Another time i was sitting on the back of a bus, one of the ones that lowers to curb level to let buggies on. The bus stopped, lowered to curb, and doors opened then all i saw was a 12 year old lad, with shopping bags in each hand fall foward and face plant the floor, i swear he hadn't even taken a step, just fell, then got evil looks from all the old ladies for howling with laughter, as apparently a man in his 20's is not supposed to laugh at a kid falling over!
(Mon 21st Dec 2009, 9:52, More)