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» Redundant technology

Yes, even though I have a PS3, Wii and other fun toys I still use my PS2. My PS3 doesn't have backwards capability so I must use my PS2 but I use it gladly if I might add. Play Station Store is being a little bit kind by re-releasing PS1/2 games for the PS3 platform. But why re-buy your favorite game when you already own it and have a working PS2? With my lappy at home I use XP and for added bedrock capabilities I use my trusty rice cooker where you have to press the lever down (oh the strain!). Unlike those fancy ones where you can have it cook all by itself via digital timers and such. And to impress you B3tans further I write to my friend with paper and pen!! (please insert impressed sounds here)
(Thu 4th Nov 2010, 18:54, More)

» Bullshit and Bullshitters

Not proud of this little white lie.....
A long time ago I was dating this guy from Canada. He was sweet but just extremely thick. I didn't have it in me to cut off things in person so I pretended I was a family member and told him in an e-mail I was dead. He believed it.

My latest lie...I tell people I don't know when my actual birthday is. And my little nephew asks me how old I am and I respond by telling him I'm 16 years old. I just had a birthday and I still tell him I'm 16 years old. Not sure how long that will last, he's a smart lad you see. Maybe I should tell him I have a time machine in my house or access to the fountain of youth. One or the other!
(Fri 14th Jan 2011, 2:14, More)

» IT Support

I still giggle about this one....
There are lots of kids in my family. But my mother loves and adores only one child in the family. She keeps rubbing my face in the many ways of how glorious and smart my little brother is. One day I got interrupted when this beloved brother of mine complained that the keyboard was no longer typing even if he changed the batteries. He demanded that I wipe the drive to fix the keyboard. I explained to him that the keyboard needs to be replaced and not wipe the drive. He said I was being stupid. Lovely mum stepped in and demanded that I hurry up and fix it. I replaced the keyboard whilst laughing for the demand to wipe the drive to fix a keyboard. I still giggle to this day. I especially make sure to laugh in front of my brother......and behind his back.
(Fri 25th Sep 2009, 16:41, More)