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» Vandalism

Damn so close

Working in a bar for 5 years I've seen my fair share of vandalism..

best one though was a pint glass down the shitter in the mens room and then a massive log was added good measure..

(Thu 7th Oct 2010, 12:15, More)

» What was I thinking?

Changed my life..didn't really mean to..
Moved from my country of origin.. Was working 3 jobs at the time, none of them were jobs I could see myself in on a long term basis..

By pure chance I met an old friend at a new years party..hadn't seen him for about 6months but wasn't really sure why..

Conversation went some thing along the lines of..
--blurry lines, drinks had been consumed--

Him: Hey, you like computers dont you?
Me: Yeah, I guess - they're alright
Him: Why dont you apply for this job that I know is coming up in about a months time..It's in Ireland (Not where I'm from) - You might just get it.
Me: Sure I'll send you my cv.

2 Months Later.. I had a rucksack, an overpriced and TINY bedroom on the outskirts of Dublin..But more importantly I had what I'd at the time considered a proper job (Technical Support).

I thought to myself.. I can do this, six months... then it's on to Uni back home.

That's now about.. 8 years a go - and I've just married the Girl (now woman) that Interviewed me at my very first job here in Ireland..


Uni? What was I thinking..
(Wed 29th Sep 2010, 11:32, More)

» Protest!

a friend of mine.. Is very very gay indeed.

He's stuck it to the man more than a couple of times... or so he claims anyways.
(Wed 17th Nov 2010, 8:54, More)

» Things to do before you die

supreme ruler of the earth..
I want to be supreme ruler of the earth..

I'd wipe the earth of all caravans as my number 1 priority.. actually no.. I'd just make people pay a massive tax on them.. and enforce a minimum speed of 150kmph at ANY time..that should make for some spectacular accidents..

Further more I'd tax middlemanagement extra for being douschebags

I'd tax politicians extra..

I'd group together all the people that buy & read yes, hello, walla, howrya, hola and all those tat magazines and force them to spend time with the binty """celebrities""" that they so desperately want to read about.. then I'd tax them to hell..

I'd means test everything.

and I'd make sure there was enough lawenforcement to enforce everything.. Also I'd make pedestrians liable for all accidents they get involved in if they're on the roadsurface..that'll teach them to look both ways! I'd up all speedlimits and enforce a minimum speedlimit..if you go to slow you'll get fined to bejessus..

No more learner drivers.. learn in driving school BEFORE you drive on the roads..

Oh and the activation of foglights in non foggy conditions result in instant electrocution.

I could go on..

Actually I'll add this..

I also want to find the twatbags that did this:
and cunt them up good and proper.
(Wed 20th Oct 2010, 13:30, More)

» Waste of money

MASSIVE freeview setup
so that I could watch the channels from my planet of origin..

about 700e for the gear another 300e on setup.. only to find that..

it doesn't work.. cause it's shit..

well it works but I cant watch the channels I want to cause they're not freeview when they're obtained through sat..only over cable apparently.

So yeah now I have a massive dish sitting on the side of the house that I'll never use. right next to it is the sky dish.. which then in turn costs me about a gazzillion squids on a monthly basis and shows me nothing but repeats, ads and repeats of ads..

There's another waste of money..

Sky.. in any way shape or form.. what a pack of wank...

mind you when I didn't have it .. I did miss it..

when I got it it was great for 2 weeks..then I seemed to have watched the lot..

Apologies for rantyness.. but dear god TELLY IS SHIT!
(Fri 1st Oct 2010, 14:31, More)
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