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» Schadenfreude

Slow motion cropper
About three years ago I was negotiating a very icy Sainsbury's carpark on my mountain bike whilst holding a bag of shopping with one hand.
I forgot that I only had one brake and alas I was holding the shopping bag in the appropriate hand to use the brake...
I aimed to slow myself by bumping up onto a kerb but I kept going on the ice, and the front wheel hit a low wooden piece of useless landscaping that surrounded a bush, and I went over the handlebars but in slow motion into the aforementioned shrubbery completely head first.
The point of my tale? Two well 'ard looking teenage lads saw the whole thing and fell about laughing like I've never seen before or since - they were literally doubled up with tears streaming down their cheeks for the three minutes or so it took me to sort myself out. They didn't apologise or offer me any help or concern heheh.
(Wed 23rd Dec 2009, 17:14, More)