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Hi, how are you? I'm good thanks. Look, I erm... I'm sorry about what I said before. It's just, in the heat of the moment, you know? Yeah. I should be going, I've... I've got a lot of stuff to sort out. It was nice to see you again, it really was. Take care.

Fuck, that was awkward.

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» Attention whore

A mate invited me to some party thing he was having
His girlfriend was wearing this huge white dress and moaning at me for being drunk and ruining her 'special' day.

I just said "You don't own Saturday, petal. Shut the fuck up and enjoy the party."
(Fri 15th Nov 2013, 15:16, More)

» Bedroom Disasters

I was at a house party.
I had a bit too much to drink and decided to crash there. There were about ten people in my friend's bedroom all passed out drunk.
I woke my girlfriend up during the night and asked if she fancied some action, we didn't have any condoms but she was game, as long I wasn't too rough.
After a few minutes of gentle fucking I told her I was about to come and she told me just to come inside her. So I did.

But because she's imaginary it went all over my friend's back so I got dressed as quickly as possible and left.
(Wed 29th Jun 2011, 18:46, More)

» Break-up Stories

A few years ago...
I came home to find my girlfriend packing a suitcase. She turned to me and said "I'm sorry, but I'm leaving you. It was my birthday yesterday and you never got me a present, a card or even acknowledged me. I'm going to find someone who will love me and appreciate me." She then hurried out of the house.

I called to her, "Wait love, hold on! Come back!" She stopped, turned around and walked towards me. Through the snow I could see that her eyes were bloodshot and a single tear was rolling down her cheek. Nevertheless she smiled as I said "Awww, you silly thing...

...You forgot your suitcase."
(Fri 13th Sep 2013, 14:04, More)

» Spoilers

I saw a car with a massive spoiler on it.
It had 'Bruce Willis is a ghost' across the side of it in big letters.

I'm sorry.
(Thu 6th Jun 2013, 13:35, More)

» Sorry

I'm sort of sorry...
To Gay John and Ugly The Cunt, I didn't know those nicknames would stay with you for almost ten years. If I did, nothing would have changed. I thought it would be funny to give you both offensive nicknames and, in my defense, everyone laughed and decided to also call you by those names.

To Titchy Liam, I'm not sorry at all. You're about 3 feet tall and it's hardly offensive is it? Get over it you miserable sod.

To Shit Kev, you are shit. Hence the name. Want people to stop calling you that? Well stop being shit.

To Pizza Slut, I never gave you that name, I only helped make it popular and to be fair you do get around more than the Beach Boys.

I take it I'm now forgiven for being childish and calling people silly/rude names?
(Mon 21st Jan 2013, 14:54, More)
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