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» B3ta Villain of the Year 2010

For somehow unknowingly inspiring This

Edit: pah I see now
(Thu 23rd Dec 2010, 13:02, More)

» Dad stories

Perfect timing
This tale begins in the cold early morning on this very day just over a quarter of a century ago. We find the subject of this yarn my father (on topic already... Check) asleep as his 8 month pregnant wife is downstairs in the kitchen, of their housing association house in the once famed 'resort' of Bognor Regis.

Awoken by a bit of a commotion he goes downstairs too find my mother getting into the swing of that giving birth alittle early but it's ok she's done it before she'll be ok should probably call an ambulance or something. That done he finds that his new son will arriving somewhat sooner than someone with medical experience.

And to make matter worse it's all happening on his birthday (my dads and mine this is the point of the story)

Does mean I never forget his birthday, thanks for not dropping me dad and happy birthday!
(Thu 25th Nov 2010, 16:53, More)

» Bizarre habits

When out for a drive no matter how short, I always find myself compelled to go and do massive drugs.

then I simply can't go home without doing rudes on the back seat with not less than two supermodels.

refuse to drive anything other than a Honda Accord Too, Weird Eh?
(Tue 6th Jul 2010, 0:04, More)

» DIY Surgery

Just in time
When playing squash I had the misfortune of having my opponent mistake my foot for a suitable suffice to stand on.

So a week later with a flappy big toenail (it was only held on at the cuticle) that had a habit of getting caught on things. I decided enough was enough and decided to remove the aforementioned offending article.

This involved a leatherman multitool, a hot shower (before and after) and a high pain threshold. After much pulling I just couldn't get the angle to pull hard enough on my own toe so enlisted some help. The toenail was removed eventually and I didn't have a toenail to speak of for about 6 months.

Length just over an inch after about six months
(Thu 27th Jan 2011, 13:38, More)

» DIY Surgery

I just surgically removed both my arms


On second thoughts maybe I should've posted this last week
(Thu 20th Jan 2011, 13:29, More)
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