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been lurking for a while and finally decided to join :)

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» Flirting

At a house partya/bbq nd i was chatting to a very nice young man.
The two of us were getting on quite well, i'd not embarrassed myself yet and we were sitting in the conservatory while watching my friends attempt to get the bbq going.
Next minute he started to laugh and said

"Oh look at that!" pointing at something through the window.
Well i tried to suppress it, i really did try but i couldn't hold it back.

In the most shrill voice i could manage i replied:
"What? The curtains?"
(Mon 22nd Feb 2010, 17:34, More)

» Letters they'll never read

Dear T
The reason those flowers all went a bit funny may have had something to do with the empty bottle found next to them.
Contrary to popular belief, the contents was not water.
Learn how to treat people and more importantly learn how to respect your staff.
Much love and bodily fluid,
(Sun 7th Mar 2010, 1:16, More)

» Flirting

"Hi... Do You Wanna See A Video of A Cat Playing A Piano?"
and we've been together for a year now.
conventional chat up lines eh? who needs them

(Sun 21st Feb 2010, 20:57, More)

» Mums

Little Girl
My mother works with three year olds, and as a result speaks to everyone like they are three.
At times i think she really believes i'm still three years old. Whenever my dad swears she'll say to him:
"Don't say things like that in front of her! she's a little girl!!"

I'm nearly 20 years old.
(Tue 16th Feb 2010, 16:33, More)

» Amazing displays of ignorance

according to my cousin a zebra is not the same as a zeeeeebra (american pronounciation)
they are two different animals.
though she has never explained what this "other zebra" actually is.
(Thu 18th Mar 2010, 17:52, More)
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