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Me and my bird...
[ Clicky to my B3ta stuff in a new window ]
(Mon 15th Apr 2002, 13:32, More)

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» Weddings

When I was 4
I was in the front row for some reason, I might have been a page boy.. I'm not sure..

I pulled my jacket over my head so my face was popping out and started to do owl impression "TWIT-TWOOO"

I wouldn't stop so i was taken... I'm ace me..
(Tue 19th Jul 2005, 10:53, More)

» Never Meet Your Heroes

In a work capacity
I met the minister for something in a small room.

I farted all sneaky like... She wrinkled up her face and everything.....

So my claim to fame is the minister for something sniffed my bum gas and didn't like it...

Which is fair enough, i was on form. I was 24.

She wasn't my hero but the only famous ish person I've seen
(Thu 25th May 2006, 16:07, More)

» The Police

I used to work with a guy
Called Gavin Boyde Bellingham.

He got pulled over for a routine check on his car, they asked his name 3 times.

With no id to prove it they promptly took him to the back of the police van for a swift kicking.... That story always made me giggle... I blame the parents..
(Thu 22nd Sep 2005, 16:59, More)

» Your Weirdest Teacher

Mt Harold
Our art teacher had pink hair for a month.... He claimed it was the copper from the pipes...
(Wed 9th Nov 2005, 15:18, More)

» Obscure Memorabilia

co-co pops
I'm sure if it counts, but about 5 yeatrs ago the wee going to change the name of coco pops.

Then they changed the name and made them crap...

I have a 5 year old box of coco pops in the loft...

I think its cool, bit of history for the grand kids...
(Tue 9th Nov 2004, 12:02, More)
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