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I like twiglets and love loud, heavy, metal & punk music.

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/Edit Eight and a half years and finally my first FP!! Yays!
I knew wearing my B3ta t-shirt today would be good luck
(Thu 23rd Jun 2011, 13:10, More)

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» Made me laugh

I really shouldn't have laughed
I once saw a blind man with a white stick (before you get angry, I wasn't laughing at him), walk towards a busy bus stop. His cane had a ball on the end and he was very proficient at making his way around, his stick not really hitting anything, I'd seen him before so he obviously knew the area.
Anyway, there was a young lady standing with her back to him texting as these youngsters do, and when he walked past me his cane managed to go between this poor girls legs and not hit even one of her shoes so he kept walking, to the point where the angle of his cane to the ground ran-out and his hand ended up firmly in her bottom! I couldn't help but laugh as they tried to come untangled and I had to turn away only to find a lot of disapproving faces looking at me. It was the very loud "WoooooOOOooOoooo" noise she made that did it!
(Mon 10th Dec 2012, 15:09, More)

» Scars with history

I was hungover one morning
and decided to tell my parents about a friend of mine who had told us down the pub that he'd shaved off his pubes, to which my Mum replied
"Ooh that really itches that does"
That left a pretty fucking big scar I can tell you
(Fri 4th Feb 2005, 12:52, More)

» The Best / Worst thing I've ever eaten

The best meal I've ever eaten
**wavy lines**

Back when I was a nipper, 14 I think, I had a holiday with my family to Cornwall, nothing unusual there, we often went down for a week in the summer. But this time it was different. We were staying in a lovely house in Polzeath which is a place I've revisited many times since based on the awesomeness of the childhood visit.
I was obviously growing up and interested in new 'older lad' stuff, girls, Rock'n'Roll, that sort of thing and had started to see the beauty of the grown up world from a young man's point of view, which makes this meal so vivid and special a memory for me.
Anyhoo, back to the point, we got dressed up one evening and visited The Mote Bar and Restaurant in Port Isaac., this didn't look to fancy from the outside but the inside seemed amazing, lots of old ocean related paraphernalia such as an old Diving Bell suit and various other oddities which were all startling, wonderful new things to my young eyes (I grew up in the middle of fucking nowhere surrounded by trees).
We were served by the smartest looking, most polite penguin/waiter I had ever seen and when asked what I would like to drink I asked for a pint of Boddingtons to which the waiter replied "A pint of Boddingtons for the young sir" SCORE!!!! This was something else to me and it only got better.
I had a crab and lobster creamy/cheesy (I think Mornay?) pot of absolute deliciousness that came out red hot with fresh crusty warm bread and salty butter, and I wolfed down the lot, followed by a local fish, I can't remember which, that had been grilled straight from the sea with a simple lemony, buttery sauce, samphire and new potatoes. We finished off with a gooey chocolate affair with clotted cream and a vanilla biscuit.
After we had finished, we sat outside on the slipway and watched the sun setting with the sounds of laughter coming from the pub drinkers and my family sitting all together letting the greatest meal of my life settle in our bellies. I smiled more through that evening than I have probably ever since and realised I was no longer a child. That meal inspired me to become a chef, which I did just a few years later and I have still never come close to a meal that was so satisfying.
I apologise for the lack of funnies and the fact I can't go into more details of what the dishes were called, it was 16 years ago!
Length? About 1-2.5hrs and a lifetime of memories.
(Thu 26th May 2011, 14:59, More)

» Too much information

All about the Mothers
I was hungover one morning and decided to tell my parents about a friend of mine who had told us down the pub that he'd shaved off his pubes, to which my Mum replied
"Ooh that really itches that does"
(Thu 6th Sep 2007, 16:44, More)

» B3ta Person of the Year 2010

Jeremy the Annoying Horse
(Thu 16th Dec 2010, 15:48, More)
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