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Err ummmm err umm
for gods sake take the lead out!"
(big one)

I live here(rushing to finish it) and also here where some tunes are.

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» My Collection

I was going to post something funny
but then I decided not to say it* as it was in far too bad taste.

*was not going to say "hookers from ipswich"
(Mon 15th Jan 2007, 23:01, More)

» Where is the strangest place you have slept?

I walked up the road to get some smokes
well into an evenings drinking and on the way back decided a little sit down was in order.
I don't know if I then decided to lie down or just toppled backwards over the wall, but I awoke an indeterminate time later on the other side of it, in a graveyard.
I struggled all the way back home and I'm really quite heavily short sighted so I must have been mullered to not notice until someone enquired as to their whereabouts that I didn't have my glasses on any more.
(Wed 3rd Jan 2007, 16:22, More)