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» I should have been arrested

Sound of the Poliiice....
Had some angry undercover cops burst into my smoky uni room once. I told em to fuck off, which didn't help. They thought I'd spat out of my window. I pointed out the room was totally fugged up / un-aired. They sniffed dramatically (there was lit spliff in bin, various wares kicked under chair etc), told me to get rid of a bong, and buggered off.

Turns out my neighbour's mate had been making pig noises out of his window, which involved a bit of spitting too. The undercovers were perambulating below and kinda took offence. (Luckily our head of college had just been deposed for fraud, so I didn't get kicked out as I theoretically shoulda. The other guy had to replicate the pig noises tho ;))

Apologies for middle-class cockage ;)
(Thu 26th Jan 2012, 14:59, More)