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» Trolls

There was this 'christian' guild on WoW, and they were the kind of lamewads that posted how intensely happy they were with their beliefs on the forums. So quite a few people got stuck into them when they made a recruitment post. I went a hell of a lot further, I replied with bible passages that proved that playing WoW was a sin, went to their guild website and published their ventrillo information (freely available with no login) then made a login under the name Satanisgod with a totally fake email address. Made my signature a pic of tubgirl and posted in every topic I could find, I especially had fun in the ones about how masturbation is bad.

I got a permanent ban from the WoW forums, the christians 'pastor' contacted my ISP and said I was distributing child pornography to children. Luckily the dude that contacted me saw through their BS and said to just leave them alone.

I hope I made some of them cry.
(Sat 21st May 2011, 23:35, More)