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You can have a look at my website too! Click Here and my B3ta bits can also be seen here!

While i'm at it, have a few piccies I've made.


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Is it me, or is it getting blooming everywhere!

(Fri 17th Jun 2005, 1:20, More)

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» On the stage

Simple (and not very safe) game I used to play when I was tech-ing at school!

Every now and again, there would be someone on stage who wasn't shy of saying something "diva-esque" like "my spotlight isn't focused correctly" or wouldn't stand on their marker on stage and then loudly complain that "the lighting is shit" because they cant stand on a little gaffer tape 'X' or 'T' on stage!

Anyway, usually in rehearsals, though never on preformance, honest, the tech team had a game we would play. It involved putting said "diva" in a full glare of a spot for about 10 seconds (we would blame a mis-cue'd lighting problem) followed by a complete blackout just as they were about to walk off stage / climb some scenery / jump off somthing / run around!

Cue said actor either walking into somthing or someone, or just stopping whilst trying to work out why they couldn't see a thing!

It was funny at the time!
(Fri 2nd Dec 2005, 15:35, More)

» Road Rage

All about the timing...
A few years back there was some big roadworks on that car park of a road called the M25. The stretch had a 50 MPH limit and was down to 2 lanes.

One night, quite late, driving home from Wales (About 6 hours!), one lane is full of lorries heading to Dover or the Channel Tunnel, the other is quite quiet, so I take the quiet lane and sit happily at 50 in the roadworks.

Next thing I know there is this twunt right up my back flashing his lights and indicating (personal hate of mine). This goes on for about 6 miles - there was no safe gap in the slow traffic and I want gonna break the law to please some gimp!

Just as I see a gap I hatch a plan to get my own back, and just as I pull over Gimp puts his foot down and speeds off. The next thing, 2 flashes from the speed camera hidden behind a bridge with the chap sticking his finger out at it.

Oh how I laughed...
(Fri 13th Oct 2006, 16:22, More)