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» Old stuff I still know

Civilisations 2
I am the most skillful player of civ 2 ever. yes i mean the one that came out in 1995, bearing in mind that i was born in 1989. I know off by heart the order in which to research certain technologys how to handle the (supprisingly good for 1995) AI.

I am especially adept at playing the WWII campaign and can now defeat Hitler in about a year by nuking Berlin.

I still play this game now despite the fact it is actually older than most expensive whiskys.
(Sat 2nd Jul 2011, 13:15, More)

» I didn't do it

I never actually banged this very hot girl people think i am, i am just incredible at twisting the way things look to make it appear that we are.
She stayed over once when she was drunk and just wanted to be spooned all night, ever since then i have been friend-zoned, i just lie saying we shag when she comes over, all that actually happens is i just pretend to listen to her whinging about how fat and ugly she thinks she is and how she can never meet a "nice guy" to be her bf.

In fact the only reason i even keep in touch with her is because she gets me free weed.
(Fri 16th Sep 2011, 0:23, More)

» Dodgy work ethics

I once when i was a student and needed any sort of job, took the late shift in a Mcdonalds in the centre of town. Now i did a shift from 7pm to 3am. This involved serving chavs/neds/townies/scum for the first 2 hours, then we got all the private school kids who got knocked back from the clubs for not being 18. Finally to top the night off several hours of unbearable drunks.

Now what people do not realise is a McDonalds takes its deliverys in the mornings, and boy do neds and drunks love their burgers, thus usually by about 1am we are out of burgers and can only offer chicken meals. Yet every time you will be shouted at as it is somehow our fault that the general public that use McDonalds are greedy bastards.

Anyway the story, one time guy came it at 2am ordered a big mac meal, i told him sorry we are out of burgers. He then asks "well can you no just make it with chicken fillets?" I did not see why not so said yeah but it will cost you a tenner. Man happily obliges, it takes me 5 mins to put together, in the mean time he had promptly fucked off. That tenner came straight out of the til and into my pocket, no record of the transaction to catch me.
(Wed 13th Jul 2011, 10:28, More)