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I usually sit infront of the the computer all day at work, and B3ta is handy to keep me sane

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» The B3TA Detective Agency

how come black people...
... live in africa where it's really hot and black absorbes heat. and white people live in cold places where it's cold and white reflects heat...??? I MEAN COME ON GOD YOU TIT
(Thu 13th Oct 2011, 14:26, More)

» B3TA fixes the world

make KFC gravy available in the shops.

(Thu 22nd Sep 2011, 15:30, More)

» B3TA fixes the world

let the police give kids/chavs/fucking idiots a slap if they misbehave, remove all health and safety bullshit, stop people making bogus compensation claims, try and fill a bath with cum.

(Thu 22nd Sep 2011, 15:14, More)

» Iffy crushes

Dawn French, coz she's the only funny woman ever
but coz she dodges salad i'd have to roll her in flour first and find the damp spot
(Thu 6th Oct 2011, 20:26, More)

» School Naughtiness

first tiem poster, long time wanker
I did a few things in school -

one was I jumped on the back of a girl who was on all fours, and pulled her skirt up to show the rest of the guys her knickers... I held her skirt up for a few seconds with her screaming, everyone else started screaming 'urgh!!!!' and pointing, turns out she had yellowie shit stained pants on...

another one was, I paid some quiet weedy friend about 20p to run up behind another friend who we all secretly disliked, and shove a 9" (or so) rusty bent nail up his arse... he did, but a bit too hard, as it went through the pants and deep into his skin... I ran and hid while the weedy friend was suspended for a week, the police were called by the other boys mother and he had to have a tetanus.

I also let the handbrake off a teachers nearly new Nissan Micra and me and a few friends pushed it, with steering lock on, into the side of another teachers car... then it rolled into the science block... apparently it was a dear do to sort :-/
(Thu 8th Sep 2011, 16:32, More)
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