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Gratitude, prudence, joy, humility, chocolate. Pies.

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Repetitious cartoon-ering

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Nope, no idea what I was thinking.

(Wed 6th May 2015, 18:02, More)

That's giving me the fear!

EDIT: Woo! Thanks for the FP :)
(Mon 30th Mar 2015, 18:20, More)


(Sat 1st Nov 2014, 11:25, More)

Now you can enjoy your favourite websites on the go!

(Thu 17th Jul 2014, 15:07, More)

Daft place to hold it anyway

(Fri 30th May 2014, 13:33, More)

Hehehe, so nutritious!

(Tue 6th Aug 2013, 12:27, More)

*posts* *runs*

FP! Thanks, everyone :)
(Tue 9th Jul 2013, 11:17, More)

Hey, it's a living...

(Fri 8th Mar 2013, 12:40, More)

He wasn't happy with his purchase...

(Mon 18th Feb 2013, 17:20, More)

I would also like to express my sorry-ness

(Sun 25th Nov 2012, 17:48, More)

That Andy's a right drama queen...

(Sun 21st Oct 2012, 17:03, More)

FAKE! The shadows are in the wrong positions

(Wed 7th Dec 2011, 23:55, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Books

We read Of Mice and Men at school
A great book, somewhat tempered by the fact that come chapter 3 or thereabouts, someone had scrawled 'I don't want to spoil all the fun but Lennie gets shot on page 113'.
(Thu 5th Jan 2012, 20:10, More)

» Brain Fade

I work night shifts
and a friend at work had got me one of those black night masks (those velvety blindfold things) to help me sleep during the day.

I took the night mask out of its packet and thought 'Cool! I wonder what I look like while wearing them...' - so I went and stood in front of the bathroom mirror. And put them on.

(Fri 22nd Mar 2013, 12:41, More)

» Acting out your fantasies

Brief rock star fantasy
One day when I was about 6 or 7 in the school playground I decided I wanted to slide on my knees to a standstill like a rock star sliding to the front of the stage, imagining all the fans screaming my name as I threw my arms up in triumph. Sadly, due to a combination of soft grey cotton trousers and a hard concrete surface, this resulted in giant rips across my knees and bloodied kneecaps.
The stupid thing is, there wasn't anyone around to see me - I'd waited 'til I was alone to try it. Not only does this show a shyness not becoming of the rock star lifestyle, but I also had to explain to friends, teachers and family how this normally quiet boy got two large rips on his trousers and wounds on his knees.
Still, there's nothing quite like picking away at scabby kneecaps.
(Fri 14th Feb 2014, 16:08, More)

» Spoilers

Spoiler for future unwritten James Bond movie!
Bond is tasked to apprehend a criminal mastermind; his investigation will take him through several exotic locations and he'll have sexual intercourse with one or more females along the way. After killing several henchmen he will find the villain and kill him too, but in a more unusual way. The world will be saved and Bond will not die at any point. You will leave the cinema, telling your friends "That was okay."
(Fri 7th Jun 2013, 12:16, More)

» Clubs, gangs, and societies

Club Nintendo
As a kid I entered a competition in a comic to win a Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES, to you youngsters). Inevitably I didn't win, but I hadn't read the small print on the compo - apparently everyone who entered got a lifetime membership to 'Club Nintendo' which entailed receiving a Club Nintendo Membership Card and a Club Nintendo Magazine every two months full of NES reviews, NES tips and other pro-NES articles (what with it being written by Nintendo themselves).

It's difficult to describe the frustration felt regularly receiving a magazine through the post featuring all the great games available for a console THAT I DIDN'T HAVE.
(Thu 21st Jun 2012, 14:16, More)
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