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Crikey , Ive been away a while... eh!

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sorry 'bout the quality
but has anyone else thought this....

(Fri 12th Sep 2003, 20:48, More)

catch him before he does some damage!

(Mon 7th Jul 2003, 22:33, More)

my mind is going....

wooo double figures on the fp - thanks mr dnky
(Fri 27th Jun 2003, 15:15, More)

what does the board think?

been working on this all weekend its part of my uni work
thank you evryone yr all very fluffy
(Mon 31st Mar 2003, 1:17, More)

it takes patience in the hunting season

(Tue 11th Mar 2003, 19:11, More)

as it says on the tin!

(Sat 22nd Feb 2003, 0:28, More)


(Fri 14th Feb 2003, 20:03, More)

those pesky monkeys

(Wed 12th Feb 2003, 23:28, More)

love....i think the batteries are dead!

(Fri 7th Feb 2003, 2:52, More)

of quarks and kittys

(Fri 7th Feb 2003, 1:01, More)

the war room

(Tue 28th Jan 2003, 18:49, More)


(Tue 28th Jan 2003, 1:24, More)

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» Worst Band Ever

I'd rather piss in my own eyes
than suffer anything simon cowell touches
(Thu 30th Dec 2010, 13:01, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

what goes plink plink fizz
2 babies in an acid bath
(Fri 10th Sep 2004, 0:27, More)