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» Water, boats and all that floats

Not so much 'boats' but....lilos
I went to Kavos with three mates and round the pool we managed to collect 6-7 lilos and place them across the width of it. This made an amusing 'bridge' and everyone was all having a laugh running across it.
All of a sudden, the coach with the all the fresh holidaymakers on rolls up and a bunch of what were literally, Stoke City football hooligans, jump off. You could see the pool from the road and a couple of them threw their cases to one side, stripped down to their boxers and ran over to the pool cheering and shouting. The lilos had just been put back in place and the first guy went to run across them, slipped on the very first one and flew backwards cracking his head open and knocking himself out. We had to dive in and literally drag him out, blood was squirting out of easily a 6 inch gash in his skull. Eventually we got him off to the doctors who patched him up and he was back at the hotel the next day. He had the biggest bandage you have ever seen round his head, covering up 27 stiches. For the rest of the two weeks in Kavos, he couldnt drink, go out in the sun or go to sleep without someone checking on him to make sure he didnt slip into a coma. Couldnt play football, rent a moped or have sex with one of the very willing ladies there.
He actually turned out to be the nicest bloke out of the 12 or so lads he was with but maybe because he wasnt drunk!
(Wed 7th Nov 2012, 16:43, More)