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Johnny 2, bringer of Bob Hoskins to b3ta. Not once have I ever been described as the cherry in the apple of life, as that would be a silly thing to say. Although, it has been said that I am a very silly person. I am John the wise, John the post-maker, John of Many Colours, including canary yellow.

The Animated Adventures of Tony Blair

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The Animated Adventures of Tony Blair 2.12

The Animated Collection
(Fri 16th Apr 2004, 20:03, More)

The Animated Adventures of Tony Blair

(Tue 6th Apr 2004, 18:20, More)

Just because you're the Dark Lord
It doesn't mean that life is easy.

(Tue 20th Jan 2004, 20:47, More)

Morpheus was always the observant one.

(Sun 16th Nov 2003, 19:02, More)

He never really thought things through

(Wed 12th Nov 2003, 20:49, More)

Awwww. Isn't that lovely.

(Mon 16th Jun 2003, 20:02, More)

Groucho "The Master of Disguise" Marx

(Sun 15th Jun 2003, 17:05, More)

Baghdad's gone a bit weird of late...

Saddam Hussein's son goes shopping, and he returns with the selected items in a cardboard box.

"Why are the shoppings in a box, oh son of mine?" Asks the curious Saddam.
"No bag, dad." His sone replies.
(Thu 10th Apr 2003, 23:11, More)

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» World's Sickest Joke

A Man phones his boss, let us call him Bert.
BERT: I can't come into work today, Boss. I'm sick.
BOSS: How sick are you?
BERT: I'm in bed with my sister.
(Wed 22nd Feb 2006, 18:10, More)

» Claims to Fame

My CLAIMTO FAME by Johnny2
I saw Keith Chegwin in a shopping centre from a distance of roughly 5 metres.

THAT's a crapy claim to fame.

Oh yeah, and I shot JR too.
(Tue 1st Mar 2005, 17:41, More)

» Mini Cabs From Hell

The worst cabby I've ever had
I think, there's a few taxi journeys where I've been amused, or scared, or both. For example, my friend deciding he didn't want to pay his share, and literally jumping out of the cab as we turned a corner.

The scariest cabby though had to be the guy who would not stop talking at all.

'How much do you usually pay', 'Had a wild night out then?' 'Wahay, I bet you go out a lot!'.

Getting progressivley seedier, and more enthusiastic, the guy did scare me quite a bit. Oh well.

(Wed 26th May 2004, 21:59, More)

» Irrational Fears

the spare room opposite the bathroom
it's a dark place...
(Wed 28th Jan 2004, 19:48, More)

» Dad Jokes

My dad has rescently resorted to dancing about and shouting random resent fad expressions, such as ali g's AIIIII!

Also he has such wondrous dadstyled jokes as announcing the inevitable bowel shift. Gross indeed.

Theres many others, but none so amusing as his insistant usage of quotes from his last wedding speech as best man. hmm
(Fri 12th Dec 2003, 11:32, More)
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