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More of a service than a product.

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Roger Roger...

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Has it sort of been done?

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» Can you keep a secret?

When I was in my late teens I went to a party with some friends....we all got very, very drunk.
A guy I knew, who was also very drunk confided in me that he had slept with his step mum, I was so drunk I can't recall why he even told me but he swore me to secrecy. It lasted about an hour when some guy was moaning about his relationships and I said something like "it could be worse you could be f***ing your mom...like him" the room went silent and he left very quickly, he never forgave me. It was a genuine mental fail brought on by booze as I would never do anything like that deliberately.
(Thu 24th Sep 2015, 14:45, More)

» Ignorance

My uncle was an engineer, a very intelligent man...
...who in his time had worked on some impressive projects mainly in the production industry (the guy who builds the machines that builds the machines)...anyhow once he came over for tea when i was about 16...he was walking around our garden crushing the empty snail shells when I asked him why he was doing it he said "so the slugs couldn't use them as a bigger house". I thought he was having a joke at my expense...but it turned out he wasn't.
(Thu 4th Feb 2016, 10:23, More)

» Summer Holidays

I went on holiday with my partner to Paris...in France.
We got in late and went to bed, when we woke the whole ground floor had flooded, a burst pipe. It was a basement reception and breakfast room so the whole place was covered with 4" of water, it was like one of those pre-swim foot wash areas...or a really lame kid's pool. We asked the receptionist about breakfast and in a very French way, without saying a single word, he cast his arm about the scene in the room and pulled a face. Seems like a thick question now but at the time we thought back home(UK)they probably would have broken out the bread and jam while the plumber got on with it, no?
(Mon 27th Jul 2015, 17:32, More)