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Dogodile...I can't take the credit it's a freinds of a friends of a friends of a friends of a...

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» Celebrities part II

My Dad Vs. Dawn French
My Dad was walking past a Central London restaurant when through the window he spied none other than Dawn French sitting eating with her family.
Dad stopped dead and just gawped at Dawn chomping away oblivious to his presence. So he knocked on the window.
Dawn stopped filling her face and slowly looked up to be greeted by my pop just staring back at her. In the words of my Dad, 'she made a really 'horrible' face, poked out her tounge mimed the words 'FUCK OFF' and put up her middle finger.

My Dad seems oblivious to the fact that all poor Dawn wanted to do was eat her dinner in peace and not have some squat middle-aged hairy Irishman ruining her meal.
Now whenever he see's Dawn French in any form of media or if I simply mention her for a 'wind up' he'll exclaim, 'Fat bitch! Fucking stuck up cow! Make faces at me, she's fucking horrible.....'
(Fri 9th Oct 2009, 21:01, More)

» Celebrities part II

My Dad Vs. Jimmy Hill
My Dad was out drinking with my Mum and he got a little bit pissed. He goes to get another round and who does he spy sitting at the bar, none other than Jimmy Hill.
Jimmy is sitting having a good time with, in my Dads words 'a young tart who was really getting off on what Jimmy was saying'
My Dad swaggers up to him and taps him on the shoulder. Jimmy turns and my Dad says, 'You're that football bloke off the telly aintcha?' Jimmy looks at the girl with a smug little smile on his face when my Dad follows up with 'Yeah, you're that Des Lynam..'
Jimmy realizes my Dad is taking the piss just turns back to the bar with the words, 'Cunt....'
(Fri 9th Oct 2009, 21:12, More)