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» The EU

er dunno
its too soon to tell what will change , but i liked being part of something , something that didnt really take the money side over other stuff , eu regulations kind of stopped companies fucking up the beaches , made them clean the stuff being pumped into the air , made respecting the workforce - especially temps and part timers and pregnant women a good thing , if you qualified you could go to any university you wanted , work in any job anywhere you wanted , live where you wanted , if you got sick on that stag do in amsterdam you could get fixed . nationality was becoming something anyone could choose , not just rich actors , why should i remain english/french/polish etc if i dont want to be just because of an accident of birth? and now it seems all that will go and ill be left in england being english and thats all i or my children will ever have , unless we get stupidly rich and can then afford to choose what we do...... i know , i live in cloud cuckoo land , but i liked it there. there are cuckoosand i like cuckoos.
(Sat 2nd Jul 2016, 18:46, More)