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@lexistwit on the twitters. One of that @mockeree lot. Also a @NowhereCitizen.

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In goal no-one can hear you scream.

(Tue 29th Jun 2021, 17:16, More)

The Ineptwieners

(Mon 28th Jun 2021, 8:37, More)

"So if your contact tracing app goes on the fritz, or your secret road trip blows up, or your evil plot conks out, before you call a press conference, turn on all the lights, check all the cabinets, 'cause you never can tell. There just might be a Grayling in your house."

(Fri 13th Nov 2020, 22:43, More)

The fastest policeman in the west

(Sun 16th Aug 2020, 21:38, More)

I 'ate you, inherent unfairness of the welfare system

(Fri 31st Jul 2020, 9:40, More)

Don't push me, Geoffrey.

(Tue 28th Jul 2020, 12:42, More)

Kellyanna Conda

(Tue 23rd Jun 2020, 23:20, More)

This counts, right?

(Sun 21st Jun 2020, 23:04, More)

"I don't have a racist bone in my body."

(Mon 18th May 2020, 1:44, More)

🎵I see a little omeletto of a man 🎶

(Mon 13th Apr 2020, 13:22, More)

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