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» Near Death Experiences

Impressive cycling gymnastics (not my near death experience, someone else's near death experience of me)
When I was about 10, me & a friend went cycling to the local Sainsbury's (as you do) to get a balloon each, one of those helium ones; I borrowed his bike. So I got the balloon, tied it onto the handlebars, and set off back. Entering his road, my friend shouted, "Look, a fox!" at which point I slammed on the brakes to look at it. I was used to my bike's crappy brakes, but his stopped immediately. I flew over the handlebars, did a full somersault in the air and landed gracefully on my knees. The bike fell over at the same time, popping the balloon. My friend turned round immediately, thinking that that was my head popping.

I never saw the fox, either...
(Thu 2nd Dec 2004, 20:10, More)