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This is a question MTFU

When have you had to be brave when all you've wanted to do was weep like a blubber-titted bitch?
Tell us so we can judge you.

via Smash Monkey

(, Thu 1 Aug 2013, 17:36)
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My folks live in that there countryside.
You know - full of farms and wildlife and such like. For a while they kept chickens for a bit of recreation, free eggs and the like.

As animals do from time to time, one of them got ill. The folks separated her from the rest of the flock so that nothing would spread - did all the right sorts of things, but it became apparent that this chook was on a downward slope.

Dad didn't have it in him to wring the chicken (to be fair I doubt I would have either). Resulting in:

A visit to the vet,

In a farming community,

With a chicken,

To have it put down.

I'm not sure that he ever fully felt he could hold his head up high in the town after that.

EDIT Bonus points for completely failing to read the question, anyone?
(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:11, closed)
I like this!
I think it should win - even though it's the antithesis of an answer.
(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:13, closed)
Yeah I only just read the actual sub-heading - I'd presumed MTFU would be about occasions where you needed to man up, rather than where you actually had.

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 15:16, closed)
My dad killed my pet rabbit by smacking it over the head with a brick. I'm not even sure there was anything wrong with it.

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:15, closed)
Dads are great aren't they?
My Dad was forever taking my temperature, I wasn't sick. I hated that rectal thermometer.
(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:18, closed)
My dad had one of those!
Massive great pink thing - awful.
(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:22, closed)
Thanks, lad.
(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:43, closed)
You have to be really careful with those in case the mercury leaks out and gives you AIDS

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:44, closed)
My uncle killed my cousin's gerbil with a shovel.

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:21, closed)
Actually, I think I should post that in a new thread.

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:21, closed)
It's probably libellous
you should reconsider that
(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:23, closed)
Wow that was funny
about a day ago when a dozen or so other people had repeated it over and over again.

You should defo use it again.
(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:50, closed)
a dig about repetition on /qotw?
from you?

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:59, closed)
Colour me zinged.

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 14:00, closed)

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 14:32, closed)
You should definitely carry on posting your sarcastic comments, people find them REALLY funny!

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:59, closed)
Are you getting upset because people are mocking a stupid thing you said online?

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 14:44, closed)
No I was merely pointing out to GA that the thing he wrote that he thought was funny wasn't
Mostly because it had been repeated ad nauseum and hence the piss-take type of humour that had fuelled the original copy and pastes had looooong since worn off. Much like many of the posters who come here now he didn't seem to get it.
See BD, flogging a dead horse isn't really clever or even hurtful - the very first zing may have a slight sting - but the thousandth odd is just pointless really. And when Johnnie-Come-Latelies do it to try to look cool, it doesn't - it just makes them look like slow off the mark fuckwits.
HTH xx
(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 0:36, closed)
This does a disservice to Fuckwits

(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 1:06, closed)
Got it. Oh well at least it wasn't alright, cheers, okcupid, my 44,000ltr. swimming pool, fat manatee wife, cunt kid or flid that I was raping.

So there is that.
(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 1:11, closed)
raping a flid?
that's probably libellous.
You should reconsider that post.
(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 7:50, closed)
Oh snap!
You really are a bit slow on the uptake.

Shit, man. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so disrespectful. You people don't deserve be hassled by the likes of me.
Sorry dude.
(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 8:50, closed)
Like shooting prawns in a barbie.
every. single. time.
(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 9:13, closed)
"ON" the barbie.

I don't intend to seem mean, seeing that you are, well - like you are.
If you're going to try and do a simile. At least get the syntax and lexicon correct.
(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 9:53, closed)
every. single. time.

(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 9:55, closed)
Colour me
zinged kinda sad and a bit guilty for having picked on you.
(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 10:02, closed)
Did you?
Sorry, I didn't notice. All I saw was literary static from you.
(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 10:06, closed)

(, Wed 7 Aug 2013, 11:54, closed)
well, that went well for you.
expecting imminent 'last word' reply from one MM right here V
(, Thu 8 Aug 2013, 11:16, closed)
That would make a good QOTW, 'Stuff that you've killed'

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:45, closed)
We all could use a neighbour like that
God knows we need something to feel smug about.
(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:29, closed)
This to win.

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:31, closed)
My grandad
always used to wring a chicken's neck for the pot each weekend, until he got too old to catch them. So he used a shotgun instead. Not a lot of meat left on a hen after it's been shot at close range with a shotgun
(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 13:42, closed)
Did the injection interfere with the taste of the gravy on Sunday though?

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 14:01, closed)
I read this in the style of Lonnie Donegan's chewing-gum themed skiffle classic of yesteryear.

(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 14:34, closed)
your father sound shit
I'm so sorry for your loss
(, Tue 6 Aug 2013, 16:19, closed)

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