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This is a question And that's the thanks I got

On getting screwed over by people for whom you were doing a favour:

I spent several weeks helping my best friend - a complete layabout - with his A-Level computer science project so he wouldn't fail his course. In the end, he did so little work I actually ended up doing the whole thing for him in a half-term week I should really have spent revising for my own exams.

I got back to college to find that while I was hunched over a red-hot BBC Micro, he had spent the week screwing my girlfriend.

Then he didn't bother sitting the exam because "I'm going to fail anyway".

And that's the thanks I got. How have you been screwed over whilst doing someone a favour?

(, Thu 24 May 2007, 10:20)
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My brother came
to me one day in a state of exteme miffedness. He had had plans to go out that night but they had been ruined, ruined by Lady,a friend of ours.

He was rather agitated, so I sat him down, made him a cup of tea, provided biscuits and a sympathetic ear.

He tells me there's no point him and his mates going to watch the movie that night. I ask which one. He tells me. I planned to watch it myself that weekend.

Tea has effect. He calms down.

What was wrong, asks I.

Well, he explains, he'd seen Lady that afternoon, and she'd seen it already. She said it was good, but

"what's the point of going to watch the Sixth Sense now that I know that Bruce Willis is dead?"

"I didn't know that. Fucker."

And the moral of this story is that biscuits don't get you shit.
(, Tue 29 May 2007, 2:54, closed)

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