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This is a question The In Laws

My Mother in law has a habit of "gifting". She will take crap she doesn't want anymore and hide it around our house when she visits. Tell us your tales of the In Laws.

(, Tue 13 Jun 2017, 12:15)
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They say they're from Cheshire, but I know they're scouse cunts.

(, Wed 21 Jun 2017, 11:09, closed)
Technically, I was born in Cheshire
"Merseyside" was created a few months later.

My mum and older relatives still call it Cheshire. Think it's an age thing with them, rather than a snob thing. If they specify "The Wirral", only HMHB fans have ever heard of the place. If they say "near Liverpool", they get called plastic Scousers.
(, Thu 22 Jun 2017, 17:41, closed)
i still remember putting Lancashire on letters
technically, i was born and live in Sefton
(, Fri 23 Jun 2017, 14:00, closed)
"Plastic scousers"

(, Sat 24 Jun 2017, 11:02, closed)

(, Sat 24 Jun 2017, 13:26, closed)
nobody says plastic scousers
they say plazzy scousers
(, Sat 24 Jun 2017, 14:08, closed)
Aye but I had to translate it so all the southern poofs on here would understand

(, Sat 24 Jun 2017, 19:31, closed)
fair do's

(, Mon 26 Jun 2017, 11:52, closed)

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