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1. You could just link reverse a site which had been SEOd by someone to find an easy list of directories, surely?

2. Fair enough, but you said you still test, so how do you test, and what is the accuracy of those tests?

3. 'I can't divulge due to non disclosure agreements signed between the clients & myself. Not unheard of in business.'

Seems unlikely, but could you tell me what your non disclosure agreement you give to clients says?

5. So, why did you bring it up as a qualification?

'The reason we can justify charging what we charge is that we can track that our work is earning the client far much more than what we charge them.'

Is this not like homeopathy - the placebo effect sometimes works, so it's fine to charge a fortune for very little?

'Can you justify your earnings?'

Yes, I breakdown costs and explain exactly what I'm doing. If a client thinks it excessive, they will go elsewhere. I will offer them a range of options. I will talk them through their site and see what they actually need. Do you explain exactly what it is you are doing for a client or do you say it is all Top Secret and thus must be worth it.
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