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Games and stuff here.

My b3ta pics go here... well, when I can be bothered to update it.

I don't tweet much, but I try and use it as a feed for pics which haven't died on their arse here and to launch any new games I make.

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(Mon 10th Jun 2024, 22:09, More)

Holbein - The Ambassadors

(Mon 10th Jun 2024, 22:07, More)

If no one else can be bothered to do it

(Tue 4th Jun 2024, 19:05, More)


(Mon 27th May 2024, 21:45, More)

Well, if no one else is going to bother to do it...

(Sun 12th May 2024, 16:30, More)

Someday it will surely come

(Wed 1st May 2024, 13:31, More)


(Mon 29th Apr 2024, 23:18, More)

Bring out the Zip

(Wed 24th Apr 2024, 22:25, More)

Colour TV ruined it

(Thu 18th Apr 2024, 12:32, More)

Bench Swap

(Wed 10th Apr 2024, 22:18, More)

The perfect toilet book

(Tue 2nd Apr 2024, 19:17, More)


(Thu 28th Mar 2024, 9:17, More)

What a picture

(Sun 24th Mar 2024, 14:20, More)


(Sun 10th Mar 2024, 14:29, More)

Just putting together a new AI-based con to target the credulous
Click for bigger (169 kb)
(Thu 29th Feb 2024, 12:57, More)


(Sat 24th Feb 2024, 15:32, More)

There's nothing there, Elwood!

(Fri 16th Feb 2024, 21:53, More)


(Tue 6th Feb 2024, 22:39, More)


(Tue 6th Feb 2024, 22:37, More)

Blue & Black or White & Gold?

(Thu 25th Jan 2024, 15:18, More)

All the lonely people...

(Wed 24th Jan 2024, 13:33, More)

Can you get them to remove all traces of Phil Spector?
Click for bigger (110 kb)
(Sun 21st Jan 2024, 21:45, More)

Click for bigger (85 kb)
(Sun 14th Jan 2024, 16:01, More)

Prick it with a fork first!
Click for bigger (51 kb)
(Sun 7th Jan 2024, 10:51, More)

Ricky Gervhs
Click for bigger (159 kb)
(Thu 28th Dec 2023, 14:28, More)

Click for bigger (116 kb)
(Sun 17th Dec 2023, 16:54, More)

Bit of a disappointing adaptation tbh
Click for bigger (113 kb)
(Tue 28th Nov 2023, 23:01, More)

Don't Blink!

(Sun 26th Nov 2023, 16:41, More)

"This is not what I asked for!"

(Wed 15th Nov 2023, 22:27, More)


(Sun 12th Nov 2023, 16:32, More)

Wafer thin mints

(Sun 12th Nov 2023, 16:31, More)


(Sun 12th Nov 2023, 16:28, More)


(Tue 31st Oct 2023, 12:32, More)

From the rapper series

(Sun 29th Oct 2023, 17:23, More)


(Fri 27th Oct 2023, 12:29, More)

Composition with Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow

(Wed 11th Oct 2023, 21:50, More)

Manual Arrange Icons

(Wed 11th Oct 2023, 21:46, More)

Four squares on a logo swap

(Wed 11th Oct 2023, 21:44, More)

We should have hover bins by now.

(Mon 2nd Oct 2023, 22:39, More)

"Great party, isn't it?"

(Tue 19th Sep 2023, 22:53, More)

"I'm your number one fan!"

(Tue 19th Sep 2023, 22:47, More)


(Sat 2nd Sep 2023, 19:32, More)

She gets her revenge with her secret flatulist abilities

(Mon 28th Aug 2023, 16:25, More)

New competitor

(Sun 27th Aug 2023, 13:30, More)

Shrink Floyd
Click for bigger (96 kb)
(Sun 20th Aug 2023, 16:20, More)

Whoah! She's 5ft 7.
Click for bigger (82 kb)
(Mon 7th Aug 2023, 22:22, More)

An even longer jump cut
Click for bigger (65 kb)
(Sat 5th Aug 2023, 14:24, More)

That looks much prettier
Click for bigger (71 kb)
(Sun 23rd Jul 2023, 15:36, More)

Let's bandwagon

(Fri 21st Jul 2023, 20:50, More)


(Tue 18th Jul 2023, 12:01, More)

Knock knock knock knock knock

(Sat 15th Jul 2023, 18:30, More)

Click for bigger (123 kb)
(Sun 9th Jul 2023, 15:46, More)

Get over that wiper's block

(Sun 2nd Jul 2023, 17:52, More)


(Sat 1st Jul 2023, 22:29, More)

Problem solved

(Tue 27th Jun 2023, 12:13, More)

Party on dorks!
Click for bigger (145 kb)
(Sun 18th Jun 2023, 10:55, More)

Mark Rothko - Smoke and Fog

(Thu 8th Jun 2023, 13:32, More)


(Sun 4th Jun 2023, 13:53, More)


(Sun 4th Jun 2023, 13:50, More)

The most-paused Eurovision moment

(Sat 27th May 2023, 12:34, More)

Oh no! A mop-top cloud.

(Fri 12th May 2023, 10:50, More)

He's so good at answers
Click for bigger (196 kb)
(Sun 26th Mar 2023, 18:31, More)

I shall use this threadwaste to dump this

(Wed 15th Mar 2023, 13:22, More)

(Wed 1st Mar 2023, 22:59, More)

Is that a recent one, Dorian?

(Sun 26th Feb 2023, 13:54, More)

Click for bigger (180 kb)
(Wed 22nd Feb 2023, 23:02, More)

Olympic Balloon Modelling
Click for bigger (154 kb)
(Sat 11th Feb 2023, 16:45, More)


(Tue 17th Jan 2023, 23:30, More)

Apologies for length and TOAPyness

(Thu 29th Dec 2022, 23:11, More)

The jokes in these crackers are shite

(Sat 24th Dec 2022, 13:11, More)

Cracker Gifts 2049
Click for bigger (115 kb)
(Fri 23rd Dec 2022, 22:14, More)

Zuck's Emotion Eric rip off wasn't as popular as his Hot or Not one
Click for bigger (173 kb)
(Wed 16th Nov 2022, 22:48, More)


(Sun 13th Nov 2022, 16:05, More)


(Sun 13th Nov 2022, 15:35, More)

Click for bigger (90 kb)
(Mon 7th Nov 2022, 21:23, More)

Man vs Pigeons
Click for bigger (109 kb)
Happy Halloween!
(Mon 31st Oct 2022, 22:46, More)

Public Information Film - GMT: Don't Die of Ignorance (1922)
Click for bigger (85 kb)
(Sat 29th Oct 2022, 22:24, More)

I like the Big Finish episodes with Graham Norton

(Thu 27th Oct 2022, 10:56, More)

First contact : the big questions

(Thu 27th Oct 2022, 10:49, More)

People forget the second round ended with a knockout punch from Parky

(Mon 17th Oct 2022, 23:16, More)

I found this I think it should win the compo
Click for bigger (102 kb)
(Wed 28th Sep 2022, 23:02, More)

What's he making! Oh.
Click for bigger (98 kb)
(Mon 26th Sep 2022, 21:51, More)

NWOT funeral 'shop

(Mon 19th Sep 2022, 11:32, More)


(Sat 10th Sep 2022, 16:13, More)

Cards for all occasions

(Thu 8th Sep 2022, 21:00, More)

70s Nyanning

(Fri 2nd Sep 2022, 12:46, More)

I was jus playin' with him…

(Mon 8th Aug 2022, 23:16, More)

Please Sir...
Click for bigger (48 kb)
(Sat 6th Aug 2022, 18:55, More)

Click for bigger (39 kb)
(Thu 4th Aug 2022, 22:57, More)

"Have you tried counting sheep?"
Click for bigger (253 kb)
(Tue 2nd Aug 2022, 23:26, More)


(Wed 20th Jul 2022, 16:15, More)

Unknown Leisure

(Thu 30th Jun 2022, 12:23, More)


(Tue 14th Jun 2022, 22:38, More)

That was easy.
Click for bigger (181 kb)
(Thu 2nd Jun 2022, 17:55, More)


(Wed 25th May 2022, 22:58, More)

Click for bigger (225 kb)
(Wed 25th May 2022, 22:21, More)

Keith Haring's Bucks Fizz

(Sat 14th May 2022, 17:33, More)

David Hockney - Boys (Summertime Love)

(Tue 10th May 2022, 18:49, More)

Been around the world and I, I, I, I can't find my baby
Click for bigger (118 kb)
(Sun 24th Apr 2022, 13:56, More)

C'mon George!
Click for bigger (85 kb)
(Sat 23rd Apr 2022, 20:48, More)

Have a late NFT compo entry
Click for bigger (141 kb)
(Mon 18th Apr 2022, 17:15, More)

Other books in the McKenna universe
Click for bigger (165 kb)
(Sun 10th Apr 2022, 21:56, More)

Shit at this game
Click for bigger (84 kb)
(Sat 9th Apr 2022, 22:06, More)


(Tue 22nd Mar 2022, 22:13, More)

The tories will never recover from this satires on Russian influence

(Sat 12th Mar 2022, 16:10, More)

Scary Bungle and Scary Geoffrey

(Fri 11th Mar 2022, 13:06, More)

Storm Eunice : The Sitcom

(Fri 25th Feb 2022, 22:41, More)

Storm Eunice : The Game

(Fri 25th Feb 2022, 22:39, More)

Nerdy two panel london underground name jokes

(Sat 19th Feb 2022, 16:07, More)

2015 called....

(Sun 13th Feb 2022, 14:38, More)

Struggling on this...

(Sun 13th Feb 2022, 14:37, More)

(Thu 3rd Feb 2022, 23:10, More)


(Thu 3rd Feb 2022, 23:08, More)

Wordle Encounters

(Mon 10th Jan 2022, 23:24, More)

The Rebel (2022)
Click for bigger (128 kb)
(Sun 9th Jan 2022, 17:32, More)

The Doomsday Glacier
Click for bigger (217 kb)
(Sat 1st Jan 2022, 16:28, More)

He's alive!

(Sat 11th Dec 2021, 18:26, More)

Ood Descending a Staircase

(Tue 30th Nov 2021, 22:45, More)


(Wed 24th Nov 2021, 23:26, More)


(Sun 14th Nov 2021, 16:43, More)

Have a late entry
Click for bigger (79 kb)
(Tue 9th Nov 2021, 23:15, More)

Click for bigger (92 kb)
(Sun 7th Nov 2021, 13:29, More)

I wrote a script to mash up an array of toilet-related words and the names of Tory MPs.
The results reminded me of Garbage Pail Kids, hence...

Click for bigger (126 kb)
(Tue 26th Oct 2021, 22:28, More)

Siberian hamster

(Sat 23rd Oct 2021, 10:41, More)

Smiley Swap

(Fri 1st Oct 2021, 22:10, More)

Tribute bench for Sir Clive

(Sun 19th Sep 2021, 17:08, More)

Product Mash
Click for bigger (142 kb)
(Sat 28th Aug 2021, 18:10, More)

*Yakety Sax*

(Sat 7th Aug 2021, 16:58, More)

Breakfast time
Click for bigger (133 kb)
(Sat 31st Jul 2021, 9:49, More)

Click for bigger (101 kb)
(Sat 17th Jul 2021, 17:23, More)

Today's Countdown Conundrum

(Fri 2nd Jul 2021, 13:22, More)

Block swap

(Fri 2nd Jul 2021, 13:17, More)

That 60s pandemic

(Sun 27th Jun 2021, 16:28, More)

It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet
Click for bigger (75 kb)
(Mon 21st Jun 2021, 22:36, More)

Computer, suggest some northern films...
Click for bigger (114 kb)
(Sun 20th Jun 2021, 16:42, More)

Don't look down on him!
Click for bigger (42 kb)
(Wed 2nd Jun 2021, 22:48, More)

My pun finder came up with these stationery films.

(Sun 23rd May 2021, 16:11, More)

If heavy metal album covers were Fighting Fantasy books...

(Sun 9th May 2021, 18:23, More)


(Sat 24th Apr 2021, 18:45, More)

The Dog Walkers

(Sat 17th Apr 2021, 16:41, More)

I see the blundering philanderer has been up to his old tricks

(Sun 28th Mar 2021, 22:27, More)

Click for bigger (210 kb)
(Tue 23rd Mar 2021, 22:21, More)

Number 5 is a prank
Click for bigger (93 kb)
(Sun 14th Mar 2021, 22:22, More)

******* Swear Filter
Click for bigger (95 kb)
(Sun 7th Mar 2021, 18:40, More)

The banjo cunt

(Sun 7th Mar 2021, 14:18, More)

Have a late Dinosaur Internet entry

(Sun 28th Feb 2021, 17:38, More)

Choose your box

(Sun 21st Feb 2021, 18:26, More)

(Sat 13th Feb 2021, 17:29, More)

Want a sweet?

(Sat 13th Feb 2021, 17:29, More)

Have a late entry for last week's compo

(Sat 30th Jan 2021, 14:14, More)


(Wed 27th Jan 2021, 22:21, More)


(Sun 17th Jan 2021, 17:54, More)


(Tue 12th Jan 2021, 23:53, More)

A Very B3ta Attempted Coup

I was just going to do Furtive for the old timers, but got carried away.
(Fri 8th Jan 2021, 22:52, More)

Add three letters to a band name

(Wed 23rd Dec 2020, 23:15, More)

Alan Mr Sir Lord

(Sun 6th Dec 2020, 16:30, More)


(Sun 6th Dec 2020, 16:30, More)

Rickrolling used to be so expensive

(Sun 6th Dec 2020, 16:29, More)

No more ripped clothes

(Sun 29th Nov 2020, 16:19, More)

Weight loss photo + joey =

(Sun 22nd Nov 2020, 15:22, More)

Should be Roger but as its a Sean challenge...

(Sun 8th Nov 2020, 16:36, More)

She's saved Wilbur!

(Sat 31st Oct 2020, 17:21, More)


(Sat 24th Oct 2020, 22:23, More)

Final Sequence

(Fri 23rd Oct 2020, 23:06, More)

The interactive exhibit

(Mon 12th Oct 2020, 22:43, More)

Cat ladies

(Sat 10th Oct 2020, 18:49, More)

Just another couple of years...

(Sat 26th Sep 2020, 21:15, More)

You may find yourself doing P.E. with Joe

(Sat 19th Sep 2020, 16:05, More)


(Sat 12th Sep 2020, 15:49, More)

The fun call-and-response game

(Fri 4th Sep 2020, 22:39, More)


(Thu 27th Aug 2020, 22:30, More)


(Sat 22nd Aug 2020, 16:22, More)

Prove you are not a bluebottle

(Sun 16th Aug 2020, 16:24, More)

The Turdmeister

(Tue 11th Aug 2020, 23:25, More)


(Sat 25th Jul 2020, 16:33, More)

Probably bindun

(Thu 23rd Jul 2020, 17:00, More)

Cyberdyne Systems are cheap crap.

(Sat 18th Jul 2020, 22:29, More)

That image recognition algorithm needs a bit of work.

(Sat 18th Jul 2020, 15:20, More)

I wrote a script to find them.

(Sat 11th Jul 2020, 13:20, More)


(Sat 20th Jun 2020, 17:19, More)

10 points to John Noakes

(Thu 11th Jun 2020, 22:38, More)

Exciting line-up!

(Sun 31st May 2020, 23:21, More)

(Fri 29th May 2020, 22:50, More)

His clothes are quite well padded.

(Sat 23rd May 2020, 16:28, More)


(Fri 15th May 2020, 22:57, More)


(Thu 14th May 2020, 22:17, More)

Party Time

(Sun 10th May 2020, 13:07, More)

See what we're doing to help monsters and customers.

(Sun 10th May 2020, 13:06, More)

Steep difficulty curve

(Sat 9th May 2020, 14:23, More)


(Sat 9th May 2020, 14:22, More)

Quick Late Entry 3

(Sun 3rd May 2020, 12:43, More)


(Thu 30th Apr 2020, 23:21, More)

And a different take on a bindun one.

(Tue 21st Apr 2020, 21:20, More)

Done a Noseybonk

(Wed 15th Apr 2020, 22:27, More)

By the power of cucumbers!

(Wed 8th Apr 2020, 23:32, More)

"Do you want to see how many press ups I can do"

(Tue 7th Apr 2020, 0:17, More)

Working from home

(Tue 31st Mar 2020, 0:11, More)

Some Disaster Quo felt appropriate

Due to broken links, there is now very little evidence Disaster Quo ever happened.
(Wed 25th Mar 2020, 23:45, More)

Quickie 1

(Wed 4th Mar 2020, 23:37, More)

(Thu 27th Feb 2020, 23:39, More)

1:06 / ∞

(Thu 20th Feb 2020, 23:14, More)


(Tue 18th Feb 2020, 22:53, More)

Don't mention the shower

(Sat 15th Feb 2020, 23:14, More)

Quickie 1

(Fri 14th Feb 2020, 0:16, More)

The Internet of Shit

(Thu 6th Feb 2020, 21:29, More)


Found this had bindun elsewhere whilst making it, but have it anyway.
(Tue 4th Feb 2020, 23:50, More)

qwop swap

(Wed 29th Jan 2020, 22:06, More)


(Thu 23rd Jan 2020, 21:52, More)


(Mon 20th Jan 2020, 21:50, More)


(Sun 22nd Dec 2019, 22:16, More)


(Thu 19th Dec 2019, 15:17, More)

Nothing happens ⭐⭐

(Thu 28th Nov 2019, 22:03, More)

Pudding Lane, 1666

(Wed 6th Nov 2019, 21:09, More)


(Thu 31st Oct 2019, 22:14, More)


(Wed 23rd Oct 2019, 22:38, More)


(Wed 16th Oct 2019, 22:07, More)


(Tue 8th Oct 2019, 21:54, More)

Also contains the mullet

(Mon 7th Oct 2019, 22:14, More)

Letter-change waving simulator

(Thu 3rd Oct 2019, 22:31, More)


(Mon 30th Sep 2019, 23:36, More)


(Wed 25th Sep 2019, 20:48, More)

(Wed 18th Sep 2019, 22:25, More)

I see O'Reilly have started publishing autobiographies

(Wed 11th Sep 2019, 22:37, More)

(Tue 3rd Sep 2019, 21:23, More)

(Tue 27th Aug 2019, 20:58, More)

(Thu 15th Aug 2019, 13:30, More)

They're running out of days for romcom titles

(Tue 13th Aug 2019, 22:38, More)

To the beach!

(Thu 8th Aug 2019, 21:59, More)

Kissing President Trump on the arse

(Thu 1st Aug 2019, 22:17, More)


(Thu 25th Jul 2019, 23:48, More)


(Tue 23rd Jul 2019, 21:29, More)

Don't know why they always have to airbrush magazine cover stars

(Sat 20th Jul 2019, 21:58, More)

Checking In

(Fri 12th Jul 2019, 22:18, More)


(Mon 8th Jul 2019, 21:51, More)

Takeout time in the Spielberg universe

</half-formed idea>
(Thu 27th Jun 2019, 22:31, More)

Jan Leeming

(Thu 20th Jun 2019, 23:14, More)

Topical entry for the two or so people who saw the story today.


(Mon 17th Jun 2019, 21:46, More)


(Thu 13th Jun 2019, 23:16, More)


(Tue 4th Jun 2019, 21:24, More)

Shaken not stirred

(Sat 25th May 2019, 22:40, More)

Tough round

(Fri 24th May 2019, 23:25, More)

Big haired goth swap

(Sun 5th May 2019, 21:39, More)

Quickie 2

(Wed 1st May 2019, 22:11, More)

Eternal Whinging, more like.

(Sat 27th Apr 2019, 18:56, More)

More songs about isolation and biscuits

(Sat 27th Apr 2019, 18:16, More)

Date swap

(Mon 22nd Apr 2019, 21:26, More)

Die Hard is an easter film.

(Sun 21st Apr 2019, 20:16, More)

Ceiling cat is watching you

(Wed 17th Apr 2019, 21:43, More)

Bit unfair

I was going to do one of a rack in an olympic gym, but turns out that's an actual thing people do.
(Thu 11th Apr 2019, 20:53, More)

I was expecting this to have bindun by now...

(Wed 10th Apr 2019, 16:20, More)

Extended character set Countdown

(Mon 8th Apr 2019, 22:42, More)

Texty entry

(Thu 28th Mar 2019, 21:51, More)


(Wed 27th Mar 2019, 21:25, More)

Hall of Mirrors

(Thu 21st Mar 2019, 21:26, More)

Three on a theme

(Tue 19th Mar 2019, 22:59, More)


(Thu 14th Mar 2019, 21:52, More)

Notre Damme

(Wed 13th Mar 2019, 21:53, More)

There was a film

(Tue 5th Mar 2019, 21:52, More)


(Mon 4th Mar 2019, 21:06, More)


(Fri 1st Mar 2019, 12:49, More)

Can you spot him?

(Thu 28th Feb 2019, 21:22, More)

And a few years later...

(Wed 20th Feb 2019, 23:05, More)

Tamagotchi, divided

(Wed 20th Feb 2019, 22:48, More)


(Tue 19th Feb 2019, 21:56, More)

It's not messy, it's art.

(Mon 18th Feb 2019, 22:16, More)


(Thu 14th Feb 2019, 23:31, More)

Bus Swap

(Tue 12th Feb 2019, 22:37, More)

Red or Blue?

(Wed 6th Feb 2019, 22:06, More)


(Sun 3rd Feb 2019, 21:16, More)

That's not a sausage!

(Tue 29th Jan 2019, 21:12, More)


(Wed 23rd Jan 2019, 20:56, More)


(Mon 21st Jan 2019, 21:49, More)


(Wed 16th Jan 2019, 22:14, More)

Little Computer Poltergeist

(Tue 15th Jan 2019, 21:00, More)

Confusing for American players

(Mon 14th Jan 2019, 22:57, More)

Avoid those pesky balls!

(Sun 13th Jan 2019, 19:00, More)


(Sat 12th Jan 2019, 12:48, More)


(Tue 8th Jan 2019, 21:34, More)


(Sat 5th Jan 2019, 10:08, More)

Oh my God.

(Tue 1st Jan 2019, 20:28, More)

He should have stuck with the boombox

(Mon 31st Dec 2018, 20:46, More)

Crasher Gopher

(Sat 29th Dec 2018, 21:18, More)


(Tue 11th Dec 2018, 22:02, More)

Waggle waggle waggle

(Thu 6th Dec 2018, 22:35, More)

The Fallen Madonna with the Three Boobies

(Mon 26th Nov 2018, 22:22, More)

Beam me up!

(Mon 26th Nov 2018, 22:19, More)

Parp! Honk! Qwoff!

(Wed 21st Nov 2018, 22:18, More)

"He's not even the best whacker in The Beatles"

(Tue 20th Nov 2018, 21:43, More)


(Wed 14th Nov 2018, 21:42, More)

Ronseal Magazine Titles

(Sat 10th Nov 2018, 22:20, More)

Just thinking about the animals used on O'Reilley tech books.

(Fri 9th Nov 2018, 12:39, More)


(Tue 6th Nov 2018, 21:37, More)


(Tue 30th Oct 2018, 20:05, More)


(Mon 29th Oct 2018, 21:03, More)


(Thu 25th Oct 2018, 21:42, More)


(Wed 24th Oct 2018, 21:39, More)

A new category! I wonder what their common phrases are?

(Mon 22nd Oct 2018, 21:06, More)

Feed Me

(Wed 17th Oct 2018, 21:57, More)

"I wish I were big"

(Mon 15th Oct 2018, 21:31, More)


(Sat 6th Oct 2018, 23:46, More)


(Sat 6th Oct 2018, 23:44, More)

Fart gag

(Tue 2nd Oct 2018, 20:50, More)

Taking sequel subtitles and applying them to a different film.

(Mon 1st Oct 2018, 22:02, More)

C'est Bon

(Fri 28th Sep 2018, 0:16, More)


(Wed 26th Sep 2018, 21:38, More)

This means nothing to me

(Sat 22nd Sep 2018, 14:39, More)


(Sat 22nd Sep 2018, 11:51, More)

For pirates who prefer analog

(Thu 20th Sep 2018, 23:00, More)

1999 called...

(Wed 19th Sep 2018, 21:35, More)

Massive cock up on BBC News

(Wed 19th Sep 2018, 10:19, More)


(Wed 12th Sep 2018, 22:07, More)

Jobsworth twat

(Mon 10th Sep 2018, 21:20, More)


(Mon 3rd Sep 2018, 21:53, More)


(Sun 2nd Sep 2018, 22:36, More)

Have a late British Games entry.

(Thu 30th Aug 2018, 22:55, More)

Switching to overdrive woh oh woh...

(Wed 29th Aug 2018, 21:04, More)


(Tue 28th Aug 2018, 21:26, More)


(Mon 27th Aug 2018, 21:05, More)


(Mon 27th Aug 2018, 20:51, More)

What a gay day!

(Sat 25th Aug 2018, 12:09, More)


(Thu 23rd Aug 2018, 23:03, More)

For the remove one letter from a MAGA hat challenge.

(Thu 23rd Aug 2018, 18:57, More)


(Wed 22nd Aug 2018, 22:04, More)

Freaky Dance

(Wed 22nd Aug 2018, 22:04, More)


(Wed 22nd Aug 2018, 22:03, More)

It was a rainy photoshoot

(Sat 18th Aug 2018, 22:23, More)


(Sat 18th Aug 2018, 19:17, More)

As the compo seems to include letter change products as well as companies...

(Wed 15th Aug 2018, 22:39, More)

I did consider making a playable version.

(Mon 13th Aug 2018, 21:04, More)


(Sat 11th Aug 2018, 20:48, More)

Expectation vs Reality

(Thu 9th Aug 2018, 22:09, More)

Postcard From The Future

(Tue 7th Aug 2018, 21:44, More)

The big suit trilogy

(Thu 2nd Aug 2018, 20:30, More)


(Tue 31st Jul 2018, 22:03, More)


(Mon 30th Jul 2018, 22:58, More)


(Mon 23rd Jul 2018, 21:33, More)

Drinking buddy

(Thu 19th Jul 2018, 13:46, More)

Steadicam corridor maze swap

(Tue 17th Jul 2018, 23:05, More)

Don't forget the signs...

(Tue 17th Jul 2018, 23:00, More)

Not again, Jeff!

(Mon 16th Jul 2018, 21:46, More)

NWOT: Mondrian - Voetbal No 1

(Thu 5th Jul 2018, 11:45, More)

Small… far away…

(Wed 4th Jul 2018, 22:18, More)

The beautiful game

(Mon 2nd Jul 2018, 22:30, More)

The Federation For Copyright Theft

(Tue 26th Jun 2018, 22:03, More)

Get the last word

(Mon 18th Jun 2018, 22:29, More)


(Mon 11th Jun 2018, 19:51, More)


(Mon 11th Jun 2018, 19:49, More)


(Fri 8th Jun 2018, 22:02, More)


(Mon 4th Jun 2018, 22:41, More)

Feel the delay.

(Sun 3rd Jun 2018, 21:52, More)

Letter Change Authors

(Tue 29th May 2018, 22:24, More)

You're too big!

(Wed 16th May 2018, 22:38, More)

(Sat 12th May 2018, 21:34, More)


(Fri 11th May 2018, 22:08, More)


(Thu 10th May 2018, 23:07, More)


(Wed 9th May 2018, 21:59, More)


(Wed 9th May 2018, 11:02, More)

*monocle pop*

(Mon 7th May 2018, 21:59, More)

Idea for David Icke's shop

(Sun 6th May 2018, 20:02, More)

Left leg on blue

(Wed 2nd May 2018, 21:46, More)

Bit Meta, Waterstones.

(Mon 30th Apr 2018, 22:01, More)

Not so super

(Mon 23rd Apr 2018, 21:55, More)


(Mon 16th Apr 2018, 23:33, More)

Repurposing the posters as toy adverts

(Sun 15th Apr 2018, 18:48, More)


(Tue 10th Apr 2018, 21:28, More)

(Mon 2nd Apr 2018, 16:58, More)

Puerile Digital Arts Community

(Sat 31st Mar 2018, 21:55, More)

I can has last minute compo entry

(Wed 14th Mar 2018, 23:21, More)

Dr Jekyll and Sockpuppet Hyde

(Sun 11th Mar 2018, 21:45, More)

Sci-Fi Twitter

(Wed 7th Mar 2018, 22:44, More)

Lunch with the Scanners

(Mon 5th Mar 2018, 22:46, More)

A Google says its bindun, but have it anyway...

(Sun 25th Feb 2018, 19:45, More)

Pomme de terre

(Tue 13th Feb 2018, 22:11, More)

How did they get in there?

(Sun 11th Feb 2018, 21:51, More)

Anti-Moth Captcha

(Sat 3rd Feb 2018, 20:27, More)

No reason

(Tue 30th Jan 2018, 20:48, More)

Shark without shark

(Sat 13th Jan 2018, 21:27, More)

Get A Haircut!

(Tue 2nd Jan 2018, 23:18, More)

This is fine

(Fri 29th Dec 2017, 18:35, More)

Gone done a few game/card mashups

(Mon 18th Dec 2017, 22:22, More)

Bit creepy, DM.

(Wed 13th Dec 2017, 22:14, More)

Station Swap

(Wed 6th Dec 2017, 21:06, More)

Quickie 1

(Tue 28th Nov 2017, 12:10, More)

We're off to see the GamesMaster! The wonderfu... oh

(Tue 28th Nov 2017, 12:09, More)


(Mon 20th Nov 2017, 21:20, More)

You'd think they'd have learnt from the Halloween debacle.

This became too tenuous to be a compo entry.
(Thu 16th Nov 2017, 22:22, More)


(Tue 14th Nov 2017, 22:48, More)

TOAPy Product Swap

(Fri 10th Nov 2017, 21:29, More)

Magic everywhere in this bitch

(Sat 4th Nov 2017, 21:48, More)

Probably bindun at some point

(Mon 2nd Oct 2017, 21:03, More)

I think this would work

(Mon 18th Sep 2017, 22:22, More)

At least he tried

(Thu 7th Sep 2017, 22:24, More)

Jon's new cat isn't as much fun.

(Mon 4th Sep 2017, 22:02, More)

Tub of lard

(Tue 29th Aug 2017, 21:10, More)

The number conundrum

(Mon 28th Aug 2017, 21:39, More)

Leave the statues alone!

(Thu 17th Aug 2017, 19:53, More)

It's depressing when even quality news outlets use clickbait

(Mon 14th Aug 2017, 22:47, More)

Quick one

(Thu 10th Aug 2017, 9:42, More)


(Wed 2nd Aug 2017, 20:58, More)

Nothing... a rude word...

(Wed 2nd Aug 2017, 10:02, More)


(Tue 1st Aug 2017, 22:55, More)

*Monacle Pop*

(Mon 31st Jul 2017, 21:46, More)


(Sun 30th Jul 2017, 11:26, More)

Another Frogger Clone

(Fri 28th Jul 2017, 22:36, More)

Combat II : Tiananmen Square

(Thu 27th Jul 2017, 23:31, More)

Not the easiest challenge this week, is it?

(Mon 24th Jul 2017, 22:02, More)

The Famous Five... The Secret Seven...

(Mon 17th Jul 2017, 21:55, More)

How she got that way will never be known...

(Sat 8th Jul 2017, 9:15, More)


(Fri 30th Jun 2017, 22:04, More)

I've seen a few Tories unhappy with Glastonbury this year.

edit: It's Tony Hadley's Spandau Ballet - the others were apparently lefties.
(Sat 24th Jun 2017, 19:43, More)


(Mon 19th Jun 2017, 22:05, More)

The classic way for a psychopath to get their message out there

(Tue 30th May 2017, 21:25, More)

Only the brave may sit

(Mon 29th May 2017, 16:44, More)

I can't believe he still runs on Windows XP

(Sat 13th May 2017, 14:22, More)

Speech Writing

(Fri 28th Apr 2017, 12:33, More)

I'm Melting!

(Tue 4th Apr 2017, 22:26, More)

Pills. Lots and lots of pills.

(Thu 16th Mar 2017, 22:46, More)

Tribble Top

(Mon 6th Mar 2017, 22:16, More)

Dedicated to Anthonyb3ta70100

(Mon 13th Feb 2017, 22:25, More)

The internet never forgets

(Sat 11th Feb 2017, 23:20, More)

This one is...

(Thu 2nd Feb 2017, 22:48, More)

Adding movie characters to xmas cards

/quantity over quality
(Fri 23rd Dec 2016, 21:35, More)

It's their song.

(Mon 12th Dec 2016, 22:53, More)

"A 'prurient' intervention that will take Britain’s censorship regime back to pre-internet era"

(Wed 23rd Nov 2016, 22:04, More)

2016's changed him.

(Thu 17th Nov 2016, 21:23, More)


(Fri 11th Nov 2016, 21:46, More)

Here's Danny...

(Tue 25th Oct 2016, 21:13, More)

Decibel Hitler Hunk

(Mon 17th Oct 2016, 22:48, More)

Don't catch his eye!

(Mon 10th Oct 2016, 11:58, More)

It's not a very well known martial art

(Mon 5th Sep 2016, 19:28, More)

Episode 893736 : Gaz buys a unicycle

(Tue 30th Aug 2016, 22:16, More)

Their snow globes get worse every year

(Sun 21st Aug 2016, 22:05, More)

Picasso's The Air Guitarist

(Thu 28th Jul 2016, 14:00, More)

The joy of house hunting

(Wed 6th Jul 2016, 20:25, More)

Sounds legit

(Mon 27th Jun 2016, 10:50, More)

Decisions, decisions...

(Fri 17th Jun 2016, 21:00, More)


(Thu 9th Jun 2016, 20:08, More)


(Tue 31st May 2016, 21:37, More)


(Sat 23rd Apr 2016, 11:43, More)

Adding a budgie to anyone looking serious and pointing.

No reason.
(Tue 12th Apr 2016, 21:29, More)

Worst conversion ever

(Thu 17th Mar 2016, 20:40, More)

Well trained

(Wed 9th Mar 2016, 22:19, More)

Always exciting when two popular characters go head-to-head

(Fri 4th Mar 2016, 21:42, More)

Hide and Seek

(Tue 1st Mar 2016, 23:35, More)

A less sympathetic character

(Fri 26th Feb 2016, 16:33, More)

Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay

(Tue 19th Jan 2016, 21:51, More)

Spoiler : it never leaves the box
yes, it is not a pet and I've spelt the filename wrong
(Mon 18th Jan 2016, 11:06, More)


(Wed 30th Dec 2015, 22:30, More)


(Tue 22nd Dec 2015, 14:33, More)

I can't see him :(

(Mon 14th Dec 2015, 22:09, More)

People always forget the portrait version of album art used on cassette releases...

(Sun 13th Dec 2015, 19:04, More)

I vote comb-over rather than wig

(Wed 9th Dec 2015, 23:14, More)

Oooh Matron

(Fri 4th Dec 2015, 23:21, More)

Some of her moves are unbelievable.

(Tue 1st Dec 2015, 22:36, More)

Why? Why? Why?

(Sun 15th Nov 2015, 21:45, More)


(Mon 2nd Nov 2015, 20:29, More)


(Sat 31st Oct 2015, 18:01, More)

A remake rather than a repost

(Sun 25th Oct 2015, 20:11, More)

Good value, as always.

(Thu 22nd Oct 2015, 20:45, More)

At home with Daft Punk

(Sat 10th Oct 2015, 15:31, More)

And a pearoast

(Wed 7th Oct 2015, 10:20, More)

The 90s

(Mon 21st Sep 2015, 12:48, More)

The previous owner of the domain had a fab site

(Mon 7th Sep 2015, 21:23, More)

Noel's House of Horrors

(Sat 22nd Aug 2015, 13:28, More)

That bug's still not fixed, I see.

(Thu 23rd Jul 2015, 21:55, More)

1983 reference

(Tue 21st Jul 2015, 21:12, More)

Baldsploitation films were popular in the 1930s

(Mon 29th Jun 2015, 22:44, More)


(Mon 8th Jun 2015, 20:11, More)

Body image

(Mon 18th May 2015, 11:28, More)

Kate 'As a royal mother...' Middleton

(Sat 2nd May 2015, 13:01, More)

Used to take Michael Keaton ages in makeup

(Fri 1st May 2015, 17:32, More)

A modern version of the fable...

(Thu 30th Apr 2015, 14:42, More)

You don't have to drink or smoke in every photo, Nigel

(Wed 29th Apr 2015, 11:27, More)

It's not easy being green

(Tue 14th Apr 2015, 11:32, More)

The series didn't really take off until they let you play as the pilot.

(Tue 7th Apr 2015, 18:35, More)

Their games were every bit as good as the TV shows. **

(Sat 4th Apr 2015, 16:33, More)

Oh Grant, not again!

(Tue 31st Mar 2015, 11:49, More)


(Mon 30th Mar 2015, 18:19, More)

Don't meddle with time.

(Thu 26th Mar 2015, 12:03, More)

One man on a lonely platform...

(Thu 19th Mar 2015, 15:42, More)

#Blue Moon#

(Thu 12th Mar 2015, 22:32, More)

On the off-chance people aren't bored of this bandwagon yet...

(Wed 4th Mar 2015, 21:08, More)

The most useful gadget he owns.

(Tue 24th Feb 2015, 17:03, More)

He has a lazer eye.

(Thu 12th Feb 2015, 22:33, More)

*hops on bandwagon*

(Thu 29th Jan 2015, 16:29, More)


(Wed 28th Jan 2015, 14:37, More)

In 1985, all children were given this book for free.

(Mon 19th Jan 2015, 15:50, More)

Bad dog!

(Mon 12th Jan 2015, 21:28, More)

Oh John!

(Sat 10th Jan 2015, 15:03, More)

(Sun 4th Jan 2015, 13:49, More)

It must have taken them ages

(Thu 1st Jan 2015, 20:18, More)

Countdown was tough in the 30s.

(Tue 30th Dec 2014, 12:01, More)

He's taking it well.

(Mon 22nd Dec 2014, 17:48, More)

Special Edition

(Tue 16th Dec 2014, 19:45, More)

He never has to make it...

(Mon 1st Dec 2014, 21:59, More)

Modern Magic

(Sun 30th Nov 2014, 20:15, More)

Just been checking out Dapper Laughs' site on Wayback Machine.
He's been doing the same jokes since the 90s.

(Sat 8th Nov 2014, 22:23, More)


(Sat 25th Oct 2014, 18:34, More)

She's not so keen on his recent stuff.

(Wed 22nd Oct 2014, 10:37, More)

I still upload my videos the old fashioned way

(Wed 15th Oct 2014, 19:46, More)

Now... which compo to enter it in?

(Thu 9th Oct 2014, 12:20, More)

They say if you leave a door open, he will appear...

(Thu 25th Sep 2014, 22:33, More)

I wonder which way Mr Bronson voted?

(Thu 18th Sep 2014, 11:55, More)


(Tue 9th Sep 2014, 15:35, More)

He loves his Martini

(Wed 20th Aug 2014, 17:09, More)

Well, since I've made it...

(Wed 13th Aug 2014, 11:38, More)

If the 80s had dog waste bins...

(Tue 22nd Jul 2014, 19:33, More)


(Mon 21st Jul 2014, 21:38, More)


edit: Has to be viewed in the context of /board to work
(Thu 10th Jul 2014, 15:48, More)


(Mon 9th Jun 2014, 18:00, More)


(Sun 1st Jun 2014, 20:19, More)

This game should help decide that playground argument

(Sun 11th May 2014, 11:48, More)

Not playing hide and seek with him again

(Sun 4th May 2014, 22:40, More)

Fighting crime

(Tue 22nd Apr 2014, 11:05, More)

An MGM lion in the wild

(Wed 9th Apr 2014, 23:39, More)

It's a cracker

(Mon 31st Mar 2014, 19:44, More)

I'm sure the Godzillas are perfectly happy and safe

(Tue 18th Mar 2014, 20:50, More)


(Thu 13th Mar 2014, 16:00, More)

It's a classy website

(Wed 5th Mar 2014, 22:48, More)


(Thu 13th Feb 2014, 19:29, More)

Wasp Fighting

(Mon 3rd Feb 2014, 19:24, More)

Another Tate thingy...

(Tue 28th Jan 2014, 18:35, More)

Insider Trading

(Mon 13th Jan 2014, 20:31, More)


(Wed 8th Jan 2014, 12:36, More)

A topical entry

(Fri 20th Dec 2013, 16:01, More)

Snowball fights are no fun with him...

(Fri 13th Dec 2013, 21:30, More)


(Mon 25th Nov 2013, 16:36, More)

If he used actions, it would be even quicker...

(Sun 24th Nov 2013, 13:13, More)


(Thu 14th Nov 2013, 10:54, More)


(Sat 2nd Nov 2013, 10:16, More)

The Chugger with the Golden Gun

(Sun 13th Oct 2013, 21:08, More)

Matisse - La Danse des Saucisses

(Sat 5th Oct 2013, 16:15, More)


(Tue 13th Aug 2013, 21:07, More)


(Tue 13th Aug 2013, 10:34, More)

Standing cat is watching the person upstairs masturbate.

(Mon 12th Aug 2013, 17:10, More)

Easier to pause Alex Jones on a gurn than use Photoshop Elements

(Sat 10th Aug 2013, 21:36, More)

Time you got a watch, Dave

(Wed 7th Aug 2013, 22:00, More)

Tweet Tweet

(Wed 31st Jul 2013, 19:56, More)

The new law will stop the problem of parents who
let their kids book museum tickets unsupervised...

(Wed 24th Jul 2013, 10:37, More)

A Hippoo

(Mon 15th Jul 2013, 20:45, More)


(Sun 30th Jun 2013, 20:04, More)

But he was still hungry...

Part of me thinks this may have bindun, but search turns up nothing.
(Wed 26th Jun 2013, 11:33, More)

The Boardiful Game

(Thu 6th Jun 2013, 15:02, More)

A new breed of super hero.

(Sat 25th May 2013, 15:50, More)

Now they're in for it...

(Wed 22nd May 2013, 19:44, More)


(Mon 8th Apr 2013, 14:53, More)

You don't even have to type any more...

(Mon 1st Apr 2013, 19:21, More)

Well, that's annoying.

(Sun 10th Mar 2013, 18:36, More)

Society has changed since he went into space...

(Wed 6th Mar 2013, 11:54, More)

Kitchen Panda

(Sun 17th Feb 2013, 12:58, More)


(Sat 16th Feb 2013, 12:34, More)

What will the National Sausage Association say about this?

(Thu 24th Jan 2013, 12:16, More)


(Fri 4th Jan 2013, 14:58, More)


(Sun 9th Dec 2012, 20:00, More)


(Tue 27th Nov 2012, 18:40, More)

Making things look old will never get stale...

(Tue 30th Oct 2012, 12:41, More)

At least it didn't cost him anything...

Story for context
(Tue 16th Oct 2012, 1:03, More)

"And the joke wasn't even that funny!"

(Tue 9th Oct 2012, 21:31, More)

Mars has its own version of that classic London postcard...

(Thu 23rd Aug 2012, 23:13, More)

No reason

(Sat 11th Aug 2012, 15:13, More)

The fastest typist on the web.

(Sat 4th Aug 2012, 22:01, More)

I prefer Eric Carle's version.

(Tue 31st Jul 2012, 22:26, More)

I did enjoy the NHS sequence...

(Sat 28th Jul 2012, 16:08, More)

Not sure if "Alternate Author" is close enough
to "Alternate Inventor" for this to be made a compo entry...

(Mon 2nd Jul 2012, 20:23, More)

Who is this mysterious "Hammy"?

(Mon 25th Jun 2012, 19:09, More)

I look down on them all because I am Supreme Leader...

(Tue 19th Jun 2012, 10:56, More)

The eggs taste a bit burny...

(Tue 12th Jun 2012, 10:37, More)

Don't mix them!

(Tue 29th May 2012, 20:47, More)

Heaven sounds brilliant. I can see why people want to go.

(Tue 22nd May 2012, 21:02, More)


(Sat 12th May 2012, 21:39, More)

An online transformation just doesn't have the same impact...

(Tue 24th Apr 2012, 22:09, More)

Famous Skeletons of the 1970s

(Wed 11th Apr 2012, 15:50, More)

Still to score a point...

my gallery
(Mon 26th Mar 2012, 21:57, More)

Hedgehog face

my gallery
(Sun 11th Mar 2012, 10:07, More)


(Sun 4th Mar 2012, 14:58, More)

That's how they spread...

(Mon 20th Feb 2012, 12:01, More)

The Cacti

(Thu 19th Jan 2012, 22:04, More)

On the other hand...

my gallery
(Thu 12th Jan 2012, 21:52, More)

He still gets a lifetime's supply of stamps...

my site
(Mon 9th Jan 2012, 13:08, More)

Wrong flour!

(Tue 3rd Jan 2012, 18:52, More)

I was in!

(Sat 24th Dec 2011, 13:32, More)

Angry Astronauts

(Mon 12th Dec 2011, 12:31, More)

Wonder if they'd be as popular if they'd been christened differently?

(Fri 2nd Dec 2011, 12:16, More)

Klaatu barada nikto

(Sun 20th Nov 2011, 18:18, More)

The Mario Land Sun's a bit graphic today...

my gallery
(Fri 21st Oct 2011, 14:01, More)

What a wasted wish...

(Sat 24th Sep 2011, 23:43, More)

How toilet brushes reproduce...

My Gallery
(Tue 6th Sep 2011, 22:42, More)

At least his CV isn't made up.

(Mon 29th Aug 2011, 12:58, More)

Fingerprinting with the e-crime unit

my gallery
(Thu 18th Aug 2011, 10:40, More)


My gallery
(Sun 7th Aug 2011, 15:30, More)

Twit T'loo

my gallery
(Tue 26th Jul 2011, 21:01, More)

Owls have their own social networking site.

My gallery
(Thu 21st Jul 2011, 0:31, More)

Unfortunately, the twist makes it not very much fun to play.

my gallery
(Tue 12th Jul 2011, 21:09, More)

There's only one problem with my new YouCook microwave...

my gallery
(Thu 23rd Jun 2011, 14:51, More)

Happy Faces

my gallery
(Wed 25th May 2011, 20:42, More)

Alternative Vote Rigging

My Gallery
(Sat 16th Apr 2011, 17:21, More)

It's so annoying when YouTube videos freeze...

(Tue 15th Mar 2011, 17:14, More)

He can never get those things right.

my gallery
(Mon 21st Feb 2011, 13:20, More)

An infinite loop of insults.

my gallery
(Tue 8th Feb 2011, 18:17, More)

The problem is they tend to deal quite early
and the rest of the rubbish just piles up.

My gallery
(Tue 11th Jan 2011, 19:46, More)

Don't do that, Lurch - it's how they breed.

my gallery
(Tue 4th Jan 2011, 12:37, More)

It's not actually their natural colouring.

my gallery
(Fri 31st Dec 2010, 0:21, More)

Protest on your own fridge...

My Gallery
(Sun 5th Dec 2010, 12:19, More)


my gallery
(Wed 27th Oct 2010, 22:21, More)

Might save a bit on the leccy bill.

my gallery
(Sat 23rd Oct 2010, 17:09, More)

Every episode you think they are going to lose their millions,
and at the last minute they make a sound investment...

my gallery
(Tue 28th Sep 2010, 22:33, More)

That new feature has ruined it.

my gallery
(Mon 13th Sep 2010, 13:46, More)


my gallery
(Fri 10th Sep 2010, 22:31, More)

Rhyming makes it no less annoying...

My Gallery
(Thu 2nd Sep 2010, 19:37, More)

Not the most fun text adventure in the world...

my gallery
(Mon 30th Aug 2010, 12:00, More)

It becomes sort of a modernised bingo...
contains 2/3 of the compo rules
my gallery
(Fri 20th Aug 2010, 20:39, More)

He invented loads of stuff before the time machine...

My gallery
(Mon 2nd Aug 2010, 18:14, More)

What do you do with all your awards, Mel?

my gallery
(Mon 19th Jul 2010, 16:31, More)

Be careful where you dispose of your plungers...

My gallery
(Sat 10th Jul 2010, 14:04, More)

I think this is my main bugbear with the web industry at the moment....

(If any SEO has a problem with the accuracy of this data, I can guarantee that, like SEO "expertise", I have based it entirely on anecdotal evidence from other web developers)

My Gallery
(Sun 20th Jun 2010, 19:14, More)


My Gallery
(Sun 6th Jun 2010, 14:46, More)

I made an animation with my albums...

My gallery
(Fri 28th May 2010, 11:12, More)


My Gallery
(Thu 27th May 2010, 17:05, More)


My Gallery
(Sun 16th May 2010, 21:32, More)

Well, that's one doing the intro cheaply...

My Gallery
(Sat 1st May 2010, 10:49, More)

| _ [] L

My Gallery
(Sat 24th Apr 2010, 11:36, More)

Ever wondered what the Conservatives' logo is supposed to be?

My Gallery
(Sun 11th Apr 2010, 12:05, More)

I like the interactive voting experience you get
when the Tate Modern is used as a polling station...

My Gallery
(Thu 8th Apr 2010, 13:10, More)

In Space, no one can email you memes.

My Gallery
(Fri 26th Mar 2010, 17:44, More)

Do you remember that time Salvador Dali was on Blue Peter?

My Gallery
(Wed 24th Mar 2010, 12:52, More)

For the love of Greyskull

edit: Props to benito vaselinni for getting there first, I see
(Sat 20th Mar 2010, 17:09, More)

Damn this cheap Australian import...

(Mon 1st Feb 2010, 12:37, More)

Jean Michel Jarre: King of Laser Quest.

(Mon 25th Jan 2010, 13:18, More)

At the moment, he's adverising Horace Goes Skiing...

(Thu 14th Jan 2010, 12:27, More)

All is not well with the Numberjacks...

(Mon 4th Jan 2010, 19:00, More)

alien bubblegum

(Sun 20th Dec 2009, 13:57, More)


(Mon 23rd Nov 2009, 17:06, More)

You have to be careful not to cut within the dotted line.

(Fri 20th Nov 2009, 13:55, More)


(Thu 5th Nov 2009, 16:31, More)

I wondered what he was drawing...

(Fri 23rd Oct 2009, 13:32, More)


(Tue 6th Oct 2009, 13:37, More)

It's the bible translated into a more modern language.
awaits comments about errors in my coding structure
(Mon 28th Sep 2009, 10:41, More)

He's actually married to Mavis Beacon, you know.

(Mon 14th Sep 2009, 11:12, More)

The other "events" aren't quite as exciting...

(Thu 10th Sep 2009, 18:14, More)

Meep Meep Me ANGRY!

(Sat 5th Sep 2009, 11:51, More)


(Tue 25th Aug 2009, 11:21, More)

Wonka, you're a mad man.

edit: turns out that The Perry Bible Fellowship beat me to it
(Sat 22nd Aug 2009, 12:21, More)

These new model kits aren't what they used to be...

(Sat 15th Aug 2009, 13:45, More)

Instead of a domain squatting idiot, this should be on pong.com....

(Fri 7th Aug 2009, 13:17, More)


(Thu 30th Jul 2009, 9:22, More)

Whatever you do, don't press "reveal"

My challenge idea
(Wed 22nd Jul 2009, 13:36, More)

This competition is making me see Hitlers everywhere...

(Sun 12th Jul 2009, 15:26, More)

Toothbrush Moustache

(Sun 12th Jul 2009, 10:59, More)

That was the plinth that was

(Wed 8th Jul 2009, 13:23, More)

Blank or Blanks

(Fri 19th Jun 2009, 13:01, More)

To be fair, it's hard for them to tell what they are buying themselves...

(Fri 19th Jun 2009, 9:48, More)


(Fri 12th Jun 2009, 11:10, More)


(Thu 4th Jun 2009, 11:21, More)

Alphagoatse spaghetti

(Mon 25th May 2009, 16:51, More)

Top Trumps: 2009

(Tue 19th May 2009, 12:59, More)

It'll work better when more products take it up...

(Tue 12th May 2009, 13:25, More)

How we used to tweet...

(Mon 11th May 2009, 13:56, More)

Probably bindun...

(Wed 22nd Apr 2009, 13:48, More)


(Tue 31st Mar 2009, 13:50, More)


(Mon 16th Mar 2009, 13:48, More)

super mario word

(Tue 24th Feb 2009, 13:24, More)

It's good that wii peripherals can be used on any game...

(Mon 23rd Feb 2009, 13:31, More)

In a world without bad guys...

(Thu 12th Feb 2009, 13:39, More)

Cost Cutting Caricature

(Wed 28th Jan 2009, 13:33, More)


(Tue 20th Jan 2009, 13:44, More)


(Fri 16th Jan 2009, 10:45, More)


(Tue 13th Jan 2009, 13:30, More)

Voiced by Claire Rayner

(Fri 5th Dec 2008, 12:03, More)

Enter the Salon

(Mon 10th Nov 2008, 13:24, More)

I've just extrapolated the BBC's timeline...

(Wed 29th Oct 2008, 13:35, More)

A lightbulb, some clothing...
and the alarming feeling of acting a bit too Neil Buchanan...

(Fri 17th Oct 2008, 11:01, More)

The fall of the machines

(Fri 10th Oct 2008, 13:24, More)

Buster Keaton

(Sun 28th Sep 2008, 14:23, More)

fancy a cyber?

(Mon 22nd Sep 2008, 13:36, More)

Jet Set Willy's been having a few financial troubles lately...

(Fri 29th Aug 2008, 13:32, More)

That bastard

(Thu 14th Aug 2008, 13:27, More)

Morten Prrpet

(Fri 11th Jul 2008, 12:01, More)


(Thu 3rd Jul 2008, 12:15, More)


(Fri 27th Jun 2008, 12:59, More)


(Mon 16th Jun 2008, 11:51, More)

SCA*T lead

(Wed 11th Jun 2008, 14:18, More)

Numberjackoffs more like

(Thu 5th Jun 2008, 16:41, More)


(Thu 29th May 2008, 12:57, More)

His freaky feature does have some use...

(Thu 15th May 2008, 13:17, More)

trump trump trump

(Wed 7th May 2008, 14:13, More)


(Wed 23rd Apr 2008, 13:11, More)

(Mon 31st Mar 2008, 13:59, More)

Cyberspace : the final frontier...
to boldly troll where no man has trolled before
(Tue 25th Mar 2008, 14:01, More)

Well, you can't be good at every subject.

(Mon 17th Mar 2008, 14:07, More)

Oh dear

(Wed 27th Feb 2008, 13:18, More)

Mine could do better.

(Wed 20th Feb 2008, 13:34, More)

It's amazing how creatures evolve to catch their prey...

(Fri 8th Feb 2008, 13:33, More)

Neil Buchananananan

(Tue 29th Jan 2008, 13:24, More)

That's no way to run a job centre...

(Fri 25th Jan 2008, 14:23, More)

No, it's just the way I walk.

(Fri 11th Jan 2008, 13:06, More)


(Wed 9th Jan 2008, 13:02, More)

Arcade Fire

(Tue 18th Dec 2007, 12:57, More)


(Thu 6th Dec 2007, 14:38, More)

It's not the hardest game in the world...
yes, i know they don't actually have 100 legs
(Thu 29th Nov 2007, 17:02, More)

It's a gas gas gas

(Wed 28th Nov 2007, 16:09, More)

how to grow a plant from a cutting...

(Tue 20th Nov 2007, 13:56, More)

He's getting so litigious lately...

(Thu 8th Nov 2007, 15:35, More)

star wars joke #2,828,1281b

(Fri 2nd Nov 2007, 16:27, More)

I'm not sure how much crime the police's teletext pages prevent...

(Tue 30th Oct 2007, 13:06, More)

Now that the novelty has worn off,
my new phone is just really annoying...

(Mon 22nd Oct 2007, 13:27, More)


(Mon 15th Oct 2007, 14:13, More)

You'd think they'd just broadcast something else this week...

(Tue 9th Oct 2007, 13:38, More)

People don't tend to remember his last miracle...

(Tue 2nd Oct 2007, 13:03, More)

"The sky at night" seems to have dumbed down a bit...

(Mon 1st Oct 2007, 17:09, More)

Lay off the starch, elvis!

(Tue 18th Sep 2007, 15:22, More)

You'd think they'd just keep a master copy.

(Wed 12th Sep 2007, 13:46, More)

If the government have the rights to use him in their
"Don't drink and climb on scaffolding" campaign, then I'm sure they could use this storyboard for a safe sex ad...

(Thu 23rd Aug 2007, 11:44, More)

It's like Rock Family Trees... but backwards.

(Fri 17th Aug 2007, 16:36, More)

I'm beginning to regret accepting Pink Floyd as friends...

(Wed 15th Aug 2007, 15:51, More)

Boney M

(Mon 13th Aug 2007, 13:32, More)


(Tue 31st Jul 2007, 11:56, More)

Don't forget to send your completed book to Big Chief I-Spy

(Mon 23rd Jul 2007, 13:29, More)

I remember the day Robocop came to our school...

(Tue 26th Jun 2007, 13:07, More)

Bloody vandals...

(Tue 12th Jun 2007, 13:32, More)


(Wed 30th May 2007, 12:39, More)

yuppie top trumps

(Fri 11th May 2007, 12:13, More)

I have devised an intelligence test for my postman...

(Wed 9th May 2007, 14:03, More)

They were innocent afterall...

(Tue 1st May 2007, 14:18, More)


(Fri 20th Apr 2007, 13:44, More)


(Tue 17th Apr 2007, 16:31, More)

They help you understand mental health issues...

The rest will be released as and when they are diagnosed.
(Thu 12th Apr 2007, 15:07, More)

(Wed 28th Mar 2007, 13:20, More)

Most of the police's budget actually comes from jobs like this...

(Thu 22nd Mar 2007, 13:07, More)

It's a bit easy after the first time..

(Thu 15th Mar 2007, 16:31, More)

A bit of a disappointing first day...

(Mon 12th Mar 2007, 14:02, More)

Repetitive Strain in the Membrane

(Wed 28th Feb 2007, 13:25, More)


(Mon 26th Feb 2007, 13:24, More)

There was an old lady...

(Tue 20th Feb 2007, 14:01, More)

beep beep

(Mon 19th Feb 2007, 14:34, More)

Ding dong

(Thu 15th Feb 2007, 13:30, More)

She should have tried her PE teacher instead...

(Tue 13th Feb 2007, 13:18, More)

Mitchell and Webb weren't the first comedians to do
the pretending to be a computer thing...

(Wed 7th Feb 2007, 13:34, More)

I really hope she's declined the offer...

(Wed 31st Jan 2007, 14:10, More)

Choo Choo

(Thu 25th Jan 2007, 13:05, More)

I thought the book felt a bit light...

(Wed 24th Jan 2007, 13:05, More)

At the Top Trumps office...

(Wed 17th Jan 2007, 14:00, More)

It's not the best interactive DVD on the market this xmas...

(Tue 5th Dec 2006, 13:47, More)

No one ever just sends him a joke...

(Tue 14th Nov 2006, 13:06, More)


(Mon 23rd Oct 2006, 13:49, More)

My Compo Entry...

(Tue 17th Oct 2006, 13:19, More)

Same thing happened to Keith Harris...

(Thu 14th Sep 2006, 13:00, More)

If nintendo ran a bank...

(Fri 8th Sep 2006, 12:59, More)

Wow! I never thought she'd have had that opinion...

(Wed 23rd Aug 2006, 13:30, More)

pen pals

(Fri 11th Aug 2006, 13:15, More)


(Mon 7th Aug 2006, 13:55, More)

The bbc micro.. best investment he ever made.

(Tue 1st Aug 2006, 13:43, More)

Make sure you call the right one...

(Tue 25th Jul 2006, 13:36, More)

Rip off!
It costs twice as much as normal and you only get four types of letter per can.

..and u,n and c's look more or less the same... what a con.
(Thu 6th Jul 2006, 16:12, More)

The ten commandments...

(Wed 5th Jul 2006, 12:27, More)

The japanese version...

(Thu 29th Jun 2006, 13:34, More)

do do do...

(Wed 21st Jun 2006, 13:56, More)

Happy families....

(Tue 20th Jun 2006, 14:31, More)

Well, it might confuse some people into voting...

(Wed 14th Jun 2006, 13:08, More)

Harnessing Pester Power...

(Mon 12th Jun 2006, 14:17, More)

le bible holy

(Fri 2nd Jun 2006, 11:38, More)

The dangers of internet dating...

(Tue 30th May 2006, 13:47, More)

Got this through my letterbox...

(Mon 22nd May 2006, 12:38, More)

I haven't cleaned it for a while...

(Wed 17th May 2006, 13:05, More)


(Thu 11th May 2006, 12:05, More)


(Mon 8th May 2006, 13:08, More)

I think everyone must have had the same idea this year...

(Fri 21st Apr 2006, 13:04, More)

The post office 2.0

(Tue 18th Apr 2006, 15:26, More)

Living TV is actually one big school project...

(Wed 5th Apr 2006, 14:02, More)

It's rather costly to play...

(Wed 29th Mar 2006, 13:40, More)

The new Google Religion search
is rather useful when you have to use God to back up your personal opinions but don't have time to do any research...

(Mon 27th Mar 2006, 13:35, More)

Sisyphus uploading his website...

(Mon 13th Mar 2006, 13:44, More)

Nosferatu : A symphony of chocolate

(Wed 8th Mar 2006, 13:09, More)

It only wants a kiss...

(Tue 7th Mar 2006, 14:08, More)

How romantic...

(Wed 15th Feb 2006, 13:52, More)

They've just done a hip hop remake...

(Mon 13th Feb 2006, 13:02, More)

Oy! Get back to work!

(Thu 9th Feb 2006, 13:19, More)

All it takes to cure hiccups
is a good fright...

(Tue 17th Jan 2006, 13:06, More)

The incredible fluff

(Thu 5th Jan 2006, 14:00, More)

Promotional advent calendar...

(Wed 21st Dec 2005, 16:17, More)

How snowmen are born...

(Wed 21st Dec 2005, 14:44, More)

The red arrows' christmas display

(Tue 20th Dec 2005, 14:52, More)

if they made spirographs for spiders...

(Fri 16th Dec 2005, 13:51, More)

The media students didn't mind
as they'd been taught that it was a brilliant idea...

(Fri 9th Dec 2005, 14:08, More)

There's no room at the inn

(Wed 7th Dec 2005, 15:55, More)

How to grow a lamp post

(Wed 30th Nov 2005, 13:30, More)

paper yum yum

(Tue 29th Nov 2005, 14:35, More)


(Thu 24th Nov 2005, 14:07, More)

C'mon dad! 20 more degrees and
you'll win us the washing machine!

(Tue 22nd Nov 2005, 11:17, More)

dirty geek!

(Fri 11th Nov 2005, 15:33, More)

How willo the wisp fans have their desks...

clicky for wallpaper
(Wed 2nd Nov 2005, 13:39, More)

Personally, I think KITT is as bad as Jeremy
and they deserve each other...

(Tue 18th Oct 2005, 14:53, More)

After doing some market research
KRS1 decided to release version #1 as it seemed the most popular...

(Fri 7th Oct 2005, 13:06, More)

Maybe that costume wasn't such a good idea...

(Tue 4th Oct 2005, 12:27, More)

I'm sure that by simply changing the stickers,
Rubik could have another hit on their hands...

(Wed 28th Sep 2005, 14:32, More)

As much as I like wine
I did only ask him to unblock the drain...

clicky if redexed
(Thu 22nd Sep 2005, 14:12, More)

I thought prayers were free...

(Mon 19th Sep 2005, 13:52, More)

British comedians have their
own version of the aristocrats joke...

(Fri 16th Sep 2005, 13:01, More)

Paul Mckenna's new range of CDs are popular...

(Mon 12th Sep 2005, 16:58, More)

appy polly loggy flubbadubb

(Wed 7th Sep 2005, 16:13, More)

A late entry
for the if computer games were real compy...

(Fri 2nd Sep 2005, 14:21, More)

At the bottom of the ocean,
young Angler Fish are learning to communicate...

insert school of fish pun
(Wed 24th Aug 2005, 14:06, More)

The turkish remake wasn't so exciting...

(Wed 17th Aug 2005, 15:43, More)

A day in the life of the magic 8 ball

(Tue 16th Aug 2005, 10:47, More)

These new font powders are rubbish

(Mon 15th Aug 2005, 12:38, More)

Beat em Up fans were disappointed
at the follow up to Yai Ar Kung Fu...

You couldn't even slap people.
(Wed 27th Jul 2005, 15:35, More)

I was just wondering what movies would be like
if people who refer to '7/7' and '9/11' had always been around to name disasters in that way...

clicky if redexed
(Mon 18th Jul 2005, 15:49, More)

Food or Beauty Product?

redexed? part 1 | 2
(Mon 11th Jul 2005, 11:56, More)

The fools!
Don't they remember what happened last time?

clicky if redexed
(Wed 6th Jul 2005, 16:29, More)

You'd think with all the problems in the world,
Bob could have found something else to complain about over the last 20 years...

clicky if redexed

(Mon 4th Jul 2005, 14:20, More)

Fonz thumbing a lift

clicky if redexed
(Thu 23rd Jun 2005, 14:18, More)

Charlie and the chocolate factory

(Wed 15th Jun 2005, 12:10, More)

Kids will love it!

clicky if above redexed
(Thu 9th Jun 2005, 11:13, More)

The new charlie and the chocolate factory film
looks a bit dull...

(Fri 3rd Jun 2005, 15:12, More)

tubby bye bye

(Wed 1st Jun 2005, 15:16, More)

my house was infested with the little buggers
hosted by imageshack.us
(Tue 24th May 2005, 14:30, More)

They changed it to teach kids about healthy eating...

(Tue 17th May 2005, 12:22, More)

I think I've actually made it scarier...
hosted by imageshack.us
(Thu 12th May 2005, 15:55, More)

My boy says he can eat fifty cookies, he can eat fifty cookies
hosted by imageshack.us
(Mon 9th May 2005, 17:24, More)

hosted by imageshack.us
(Wed 4th May 2005, 13:45, More)

For eating cheese before bedtime...
hosted by imageshack.us
(Thu 28th Apr 2005, 15:16, More)

Cycle lane

(Mon 25th Apr 2005, 14:16, More)

Analogue Switch Off
hosted by imageshack.us
(Thu 31st Mar 2005, 12:28, More)

hosted by imageshack.us
(Tue 29th Mar 2005, 14:15, More)

hosted by imageshack.us
(Thu 24th Mar 2005, 14:43, More)

david gets a haircut
hosted by imageshack.us
(Tue 22nd Mar 2005, 15:18, More)

hosted by imageshack.us
(Thu 17th Mar 2005, 10:15, More)

The enterprise really needs another bowl...
hosted by imageshack.us
(Tue 15th Mar 2005, 14:22, More)

A pleasant stroll, walking the fish...
hosted by imageshack.us
(Tue 15th Mar 2005, 11:03, More)

Yoffy's been bad
hosted by imageshack.us
(Fri 11th Mar 2005, 12:02, More)

we saw some amazing things...
hosted by imageshack.us

edit: shameless plug - cat stroke game
(Wed 9th Mar 2005, 11:20, More)

I saw this advert in the radio times...
hosted by imageshack
(Wed 16th Feb 2005, 13:22, More)

I've designed a glass to cure pessimism
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Thu 27th Jan 2005, 13:24, More)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Tue 25th Jan 2005, 13:43, More)

the origins of hangman
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Fri 14th Jan 2005, 12:56, More)

I can hear the sea...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Thu 13th Jan 2005, 11:59, More)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Tue 11th Jan 2005, 14:06, More)

txt crswrd game
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Tue 4th Jan 2005, 13:47, More)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Wed 22nd Dec 2004, 11:21, More)

new from the makers of twister...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Tue 7th Dec 2004, 11:06, More)

1989: The fall of the berlin wall
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Tue 30th Nov 2004, 12:01, More)

urban lemmings...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Tue 23rd Nov 2004, 14:01, More)

I cant help but feel that the government have
slightly wasted money on this campaign...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Thu 28th Oct 2004, 14:06, More)

This wasnt quite as popular
as his Decathlon and Super-Test games...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

edit:ooh my 300th fp. What do i win?
(Tue 26th Oct 2004, 13:21, More)

driving game

(Mon 18th Oct 2004, 13:18, More)

Football : the text adventure C64/128 version

(Re:look around you - Contact me if a full size version of this needs making)
(Wed 13th Oct 2004, 13:43, More)

I'm not saying they ever sell stolen goods but...

my gallery
(Tue 21st Sep 2004, 13:01, More)

new invention

(Tue 14th Sep 2004, 13:25, More)


(Fri 3rd Sep 2004, 12:10, More)

hopefully the new pelican crossing
at Abbey Road won't disappoint the beatles fans...

(Tue 31st Aug 2004, 13:19, More)

a toy which i have designed for budgies...

(Tue 24th Aug 2004, 13:20, More)

alton towers

(Mon 16th Aug 2004, 12:43, More)

You have 20 seconds to not fly

(Wed 11th Aug 2004, 11:27, More)

The bbc eventually decided not to broadcast this episode..

(Thu 29th Jul 2004, 15:42, More)

three giraffes in a swimming pool

(Fri 23rd Jul 2004, 14:19, More)

stunt ahead

(Wed 21st Jul 2004, 13:41, More)

how email is delivered

(Fri 16th Jul 2004, 13:19, More)

if stamps taught us who is in line to the throne...

(Mon 12th Jul 2004, 13:37, More)

an invention

(Fri 9th Jul 2004, 13:07, More)

useless map

(Wed 16th Jun 2004, 11:45, More)

modern hart

(Tue 8th Jun 2004, 13:12, More)


(Wed 26th May 2004, 14:37, More)


(Thu 20th May 2004, 12:13, More)


(Tue 18th May 2004, 13:58, More)

welcome mat

(Fri 14th May 2004, 10:23, More)

interesting brickwork
the kremlin's made out of...

(Thu 13th May 2004, 15:07, More)

before he was famous...
tubular bells
(Thu 6th May 2004, 11:51, More)

here's harry

(Wed 5th May 2004, 16:49, More)


(awfully poor taste, sorry)
(Fri 30th Apr 2004, 14:06, More)

butterfly collecting for giants

(Fri 30th Apr 2004, 13:26, More)

i thought it was just city phone boxes had that

(Mon 19th Apr 2004, 14:02, More)

sometimes a scene selection option
can really ruin the film...

(Tue 13th Apr 2004, 15:59, More)

good to see that greggs are celebrating
the true meaning of easter this year...

(Thu 8th Apr 2004, 13:50, More)

tug of door

(Wed 7th Apr 2004, 13:50, More)

it makes a godawful noise when you're typing
press foot on pedal for spacebar
(Tue 30th Mar 2004, 11:47, More)


(Thu 25th Mar 2004, 16:39, More)

the shower of greyskull

(Thu 18th Mar 2004, 15:38, More)

the passion of the christ

(Thu 18th Mar 2004, 12:25, More)

i am the walrus

(Mon 8th Mar 2004, 13:03, More)

sad astronaut

(Wed 3rd Mar 2004, 12:18, More)


(Mon 1st Mar 2004, 13:19, More)

yowzer browser

(Wed 25th Feb 2004, 13:03, More)

You need this software to view this post.

(Tue 24th Feb 2004, 11:46, More)

where's wally? for the blind.

(Mon 23rd Feb 2004, 12:14, More)

russian dolls

(Tue 17th Feb 2004, 13:02, More)


(Fri 30th Jan 2004, 13:12, More)

dirty scrollbar

(Thu 29th Jan 2004, 13:23, More)

a scientist working on the best
Russian Doll ever...

(Thu 15th Jan 2004, 13:11, More)

what a bloody expensive shop

(Tue 6th Jan 2004, 13:06, More)

going to Enditall

(Thu 18th Dec 2003, 13:08, More)


(Fri 5th Dec 2003, 16:36, More)

The Queen felt that telegrams were becomming
too old fashioned...

(Wed 3rd Dec 2003, 16:57, More)

a new ceefax feature

(Fri 28th Nov 2003, 13:52, More)

The postal service

(Wed 26th Nov 2003, 13:57, More)

with a phantascope
and a piano, the victorians used to make their own fun:
(Thu 20th Nov 2003, 13:40, More)


(Fri 14th Nov 2003, 13:45, More)

milk milk lemonade
round the back, chocolates made
(Thu 30th Oct 2003, 17:00, More)

city building

(Mon 27th Oct 2003, 17:00, More)


(Wed 22nd Oct 2003, 15:58, More)

A cheap phone network

(Tue 14th Oct 2003, 17:00, More)

imaginary food

clicky big
(Tue 30th Sep 2003, 13:43, More)

the police's favourite joke

(Mon 15th Sep 2003, 17:07, More)

remote control

(Fri 12th Sep 2003, 13:50, More)

My invention

(Wed 10th Sep 2003, 13:47, More)


(Tue 9th Sep 2003, 17:11, More)

fun for bakers

(Fri 5th Sep 2003, 11:46, More)

for singing in the shower...

(Thu 28th Aug 2003, 17:02, More)

what does that setting do?

(Wed 27th Aug 2003, 13:01, More)


(Thu 21st Aug 2003, 13:00, More)


(Fri 15th Aug 2003, 13:01, More)


(Mon 4th Aug 2003, 10:40, More)

I got this receipt when I had my photos developed...

(Mon 28th Jul 2003, 10:49, More)


(Wed 16th Jul 2003, 11:00, More)


(Mon 14th Jul 2003, 15:36, More)

George's mind didn't seem to be on the match

(Mon 14th Jul 2003, 14:31, More)

bob the builder's mum and dad

(Thu 10th Jul 2003, 11:14, More)


(Wed 9th Jul 2003, 15:23, More)

before computer games...

(Fri 4th Jul 2003, 15:54, More)


(Fri 4th Jul 2003, 10:51, More)


(Wed 2nd Jul 2003, 15:23, More)

for smoking day

(Fri 27th Jun 2003, 12:14, More)


(Thu 26th Jun 2003, 10:06, More)


(Wed 25th Jun 2003, 14:45, More)


(Fri 20th Jun 2003, 15:23, More)

crayon crossed with ostrich

(Fri 20th Jun 2003, 12:50, More)

bloody vandals

(Thu 19th Jun 2003, 12:13, More)

nonsensical joke about birds

(Wed 18th Jun 2003, 10:55, More)

she makes stamps like this
because she's scared people will recognise her if she goes to buy some.

(Tue 17th Jun 2003, 11:44, More)


(Mon 9th Jun 2003, 10:41, More)


(Wed 4th Jun 2003, 10:17, More)


(Tue 3rd Jun 2003, 15:15, More)

movie song thingumy

(Mon 2nd Jun 2003, 10:40, More)


(Fri 30th May 2003, 10:30, More)

the scarecrow of the north

(Tue 27th May 2003, 11:25, More)

imaginary toy

(Thu 22nd May 2003, 16:55, More)


(Wed 21st May 2003, 12:49, More)


(Mon 19th May 2003, 10:54, More)


(Thu 15th May 2003, 11:27, More)

It is a better book than the bible

(Tue 13th May 2003, 15:22, More)


(Wed 7th May 2003, 15:46, More)

the grange hill riot

(Fri 2nd May 2003, 15:19, More)


(Wed 30th Apr 2003, 12:48, More)

this is what ambulances do...

(Tue 29th Apr 2003, 17:29, More)

here's how that
photo came about...

(Mon 28th Apr 2003, 15:32, More)


(Thu 24th Apr 2003, 12:02, More)


(Thu 17th Apr 2003, 16:26, More)

hugging machines - for lonely people in pubs.

(Thu 17th Apr 2003, 13:00, More)

It's like when footballers
swap shirts at the end of a match

(Wed 9th Apr 2003, 17:06, More)

packed lunch disaster

(Wed 9th Apr 2003, 16:11, More)


(Wed 9th Apr 2003, 14:14, More)

the government's original plan
for cigarette packets' health warnings was even more annoying...

(Tue 8th Apr 2003, 16:02, More)

if the war was taking place
on the motorways of great britain...

(Fri 4th Apr 2003, 10:46, More)


(Mon 31st Mar 2003, 12:57, More)

If you look closely into the smoke
on this photo of Brighton pier, you can see the spirit of Dick Emery abandoning the end-of-the-pier theatre which he has presumably been haunting.

(It's real)
(Fri 28th Mar 2003, 14:35, More)

if hitler had won the war...
this would be in The Sun...

(Fri 28th Mar 2003, 11:59, More)


(Thu 27th Mar 2003, 11:16, More)


(Mon 24th Mar 2003, 15:35, More)

after looking at the entire exhibition
the paranoid pope became convinced that his head was going to fall off..

(Thu 20th Mar 2003, 16:33, More)

it didn't sell as well as the other transformers...

(Mon 17th Mar 2003, 11:21, More)

he lives right at the top

(Thu 13th Mar 2003, 12:45, More)


(Tue 4th Mar 2003, 10:28, More)


(Mon 24th Feb 2003, 15:32, More)

Using carefully positioned notes,
the pope never forgot a thing...

(Fri 21st Feb 2003, 15:18, More)


(Fri 14th Feb 2003, 12:48, More)

i wondered what that one was going to hatch into...

(Thu 13th Feb 2003, 16:54, More)


(Wed 12th Feb 2003, 10:30, More)


(Fri 7th Feb 2003, 14:06, More)


(Thu 6th Feb 2003, 15:23, More)

miniature only fools and horses

(Mon 3rd Feb 2003, 11:02, More)


(Thu 30th Jan 2003, 12:47, More)

I wrote this poem...

(Fri 24th Jan 2003, 16:04, More)

no reason...

(Mon 20th Jan 2003, 17:07, More)

i made
pixel george michael and pixel policeman

so I thought I might as well make pixel arrest scene...

(Mon 20th Jan 2003, 11:08, More)

phil collins

(Fri 17th Jan 2003, 15:15, More)


(Fri 17th Jan 2003, 14:46, More)


(Fri 17th Jan 2003, 11:02, More)

nelly repair kit

(Wed 15th Jan 2003, 11:52, More)


(Mon 13th Jan 2003, 16:46, More)

no reason

(Fri 10th Jan 2003, 11:24, More)


(Tue 7th Jan 2003, 13:31, More)


(Mon 6th Jan 2003, 9:33, More)


(Thu 2nd Jan 2003, 10:53, More)


(Wed 18th Dec 2002, 15:01, More)


(Wed 18th Dec 2002, 10:05, More)


(Fri 13th Dec 2002, 12:02, More)


(Mon 9th Dec 2002, 10:23, More)


(Fri 6th Dec 2002, 16:50, More)


(Fri 6th Dec 2002, 10:02, More)


(Wed 4th Dec 2002, 10:16, More)

"Take me to the leader"

(Mon 2nd Dec 2002, 9:09, More)


(Tue 26th Nov 2002, 16:21, More)


(Fri 22nd Nov 2002, 13:52, More)


(Thu 21st Nov 2002, 14:29, More)

fly my pretties

(Wed 20th Nov 2002, 9:57, More)


(Tue 19th Nov 2002, 16:21, More)


(Thu 14th Nov 2002, 13:27, More)


(Thu 14th Nov 2002, 9:48, More)


(Wed 13th Nov 2002, 16:09, More)


(Thu 7th Nov 2002, 12:04, More)


(Tue 5th Nov 2002, 16:26, More)

my ideal home

(Thu 31st Oct 2002, 11:08, More)

how high can you try?

(Tue 29th Oct 2002, 12:31, More)


(Mon 28th Oct 2002, 15:35, More)


(Wed 23rd Oct 2002, 13:41, More)


(Mon 21st Oct 2002, 16:22, More)


(Fri 18th Oct 2002, 11:31, More)


(Mon 14th Oct 2002, 10:48, More)


(Mon 16th Sep 2002, 16:19, More)


(Fri 13th Sep 2002, 15:34, More)


(Fri 13th Sep 2002, 11:45, More)


(Tue 10th Sep 2002, 16:15, More)


(Tue 10th Sep 2002, 12:12, More)


(Tue 10th Sep 2002, 10:05, More)


(Thu 5th Sep 2002, 14:31, More)


(Wed 4th Sep 2002, 13:57, More)

if his neck expands and he sings, it means he likes you...

(Wed 4th Sep 2002, 10:43, More)


(Tue 3rd Sep 2002, 12:17, More)

this isn't to say that he's not a twat...

(Mon 2nd Sep 2002, 15:21, More)


(Mon 2nd Sep 2002, 11:02, More)


(Fri 30th Aug 2002, 9:46, More)


(Thu 29th Aug 2002, 13:26, More)


(Tue 27th Aug 2002, 9:39, More)

shhh... she's nesting

(Wed 21st Aug 2002, 13:29, More)

Higher than the devil? Good God...

(Mon 19th Aug 2002, 14:10, More)


(Thu 15th Aug 2002, 14:49, More)


(Mon 12th Aug 2002, 14:46, More)


(Fri 9th Aug 2002, 11:00, More)

Is this genuine?

(Thu 8th Aug 2002, 10:40, More)


(Tue 6th Aug 2002, 16:23, More)


(Wed 31st Jul 2002, 16:11, More)

since Amy from the mirror is a lurker...

(Wed 31st Jul 2002, 13:30, More)

The lifecycle of a balloon animal...

(Tue 30th Jul 2002, 11:09, More)

the news seems somewhat
less horrible when told via spectrum screenshots...

(Fri 26th Jul 2002, 13:47, More)

We're off to sue macdonalds...

(Fri 26th Jul 2002, 10:23, More)


(Thu 25th Jul 2002, 14:43, More)

sorry it be big

(Fri 19th Jul 2002, 9:39, More)

led clock in the blog - do you reckon it does this on the hour?

(Thu 18th Jul 2002, 14:49, More)

great until there's leaves on the line

(Thu 18th Jul 2002, 9:36, More)


(Wed 17th Jul 2002, 10:38, More)


(Fri 12th Jul 2002, 10:12, More)

a tribute to Daley Thompson

(Fri 5th Jul 2002, 13:54, More)

if b3ta made photo boothes...

(Mon 1st Jul 2002, 14:15, More)

queen booked for party in the park

(Tue 25th Jun 2002, 13:31, More)


(Tue 25th Jun 2002, 9:57, More)


(Mon 24th Jun 2002, 15:09, More)

my understanding of tennis...

(Mon 24th Jun 2002, 9:56, More)

can tommorrow's challenge be to make
something nice for someone who noone else likes:

(Thu 20th Jun 2002, 11:02, More)

spong probably means this has already been done

(Wed 19th Jun 2002, 10:53, More)


(Tue 18th Jun 2002, 16:06, More)

what freddy's up to now...

(Mon 17th Jun 2002, 9:09, More)

just time for a look at tommorrow's papers...

(Thu 13th Jun 2002, 11:15, More)

dare you say it 3 times?

(Thu 13th Jun 2002, 9:13, More)


(Wed 12th Jun 2002, 13:30, More)


(Wed 12th Jun 2002, 12:39, More)


(Tue 11th Jun 2002, 14:16, More)

by Sarah Lucas

(Fri 7th Jun 2002, 11:40, More)


(Fri 7th Jun 2002, 10:20, More)


(Thu 6th Jun 2002, 15:30, More)

he's still up there
..a bear made off with his ladder.

(Thu 6th Jun 2002, 13:12, More)

Myra's so sure that she's going to be
released that she's got her new image worked out already...

(Thu 30th May 2002, 13:36, More)


(Wed 29th May 2002, 13:07, More)


(Wed 29th May 2002, 10:39, More)


(Tue 28th May 2002, 10:27, More)


(Mon 27th May 2002, 16:06, More)


(Mon 27th May 2002, 9:41, More)

he's going to go up to Brian May
and do this

(Fri 24th May 2002, 11:52, More)


(Fri 24th May 2002, 11:09, More)


(Thu 23rd May 2002, 12:59, More)


(Wed 22nd May 2002, 10:20, More)


i couldn't imagine george being evil, I'm afraid.
(Thu 16th May 2002, 11:47, More)


(Thu 16th May 2002, 10:10, More)

reach for the stars

(Mon 13th May 2002, 11:05, More)


(Fri 10th May 2002, 11:42, More)


(Thu 9th May 2002, 11:34, More)


(Tue 7th May 2002, 14:31, More)


(Fri 3rd May 2002, 14:11, More)


(Thu 2nd May 2002, 15:30, More)

hmm.. interesting...

(Tue 30th Apr 2002, 13:44, More)


(Tue 30th Apr 2002, 9:59, More)


(Mon 29th Apr 2002, 11:27, More)

tax on server appeals 2000%
(Wed 17th Apr 2002, 15:47, More)

she was the first person
to annoy me today...

(Wed 17th Apr 2002, 13:37, More)

this is growing outside my house
i think Brian is plotting his revenge, but I don't know how...

(Wed 17th Apr 2002, 10:55, More)

my imaginary friend

he makes the milk chocolatey and I don't know how.
(Tue 16th Apr 2002, 13:57, More)

a day late...
Well done the london runners (except the twats that did it in fancy dress)
(Mon 15th Apr 2002, 13:45, More)

nice chap
nice with chips
(Mon 15th Apr 2002, 11:36, More)


(Fri 12th Apr 2002, 15:16, More)

we've lost her

(Fri 12th Apr 2002, 11:54, More)


(Thu 11th Apr 2002, 10:42, More)


(Mon 8th Apr 2002, 17:01, More)


(Mon 8th Apr 2002, 12:24, More)


(Fri 5th Apr 2002, 14:16, More)


(Wed 3rd Apr 2002, 8:19, More)


(Tue 2nd Apr 2002, 8:01, More)

birthday hog for spacefish

(Tue 26th Mar 2002, 6:05, More)


(Thu 21st Mar 2002, 8:20, More)

oh dear

(Thu 21st Mar 2002, 5:35, More)


(Tue 12th Mar 2002, 4:39, More)

that calls for a

(Mon 11th Mar 2002, 8:59, More)

what an amazing party trick

(Fri 8th Mar 2002, 10:29, More)


(Fri 8th Mar 2002, 9:51, More)


(Fri 8th Mar 2002, 7:09, More)


(Thu 7th Mar 2002, 8:47, More)

that stopped 'em

(Wed 6th Mar 2002, 9:43, More)


(Wed 6th Mar 2002, 5:18, More)


(Tue 26th Feb 2002, 8:55, More)


(Tue 26th Feb 2002, 4:10, More)

in my opinion
this is a perfect photograph

(Mon 25th Feb 2002, 10:55, More)

the gibson brothers

(Mon 25th Feb 2002, 9:18, More)

do you think he'll forgive me?

(Mon 25th Feb 2002, 8:16, More)

c64 screenshot

(Fri 22nd Feb 2002, 9:31, More)

winter olympics

(Fri 22nd Feb 2002, 6:17, More)

taste tea

(Fri 22nd Feb 2002, 5:09, More)

happy sad

(Thu 21st Feb 2002, 10:06, More)


(Wed 20th Feb 2002, 9:25, More)

grandmos deaf

(Wed 20th Feb 2002, 8:50, More)

ooh la larvae

(Wed 20th Feb 2002, 8:03, More)

hells bells shells

(Tue 19th Feb 2002, 9:12, More)

I just bought this

(Thu 7th Feb 2002, 8:17, More)

obvious, really

(Thu 31st Jan 2002, 7:38, More)


(Thu 31st Jan 2002, 5:27, More)


(Thu 31st Jan 2002, 5:08, More)

noone loves an egghead

(Wed 23rd Jan 2002, 10:07, More)

holiday celebrate

(Wed 23rd Jan 2002, 9:08, More)

snack man

(Tue 22nd Jan 2002, 7:58, More)

i'm adamant that I'm not mad

(Wed 16th Jan 2002, 4:27, More)


(Fri 11th Jan 2002, 8:52, More)


(Thu 10th Jan 2002, 11:01, More)

hail no longer

(Mon 7th Jan 2002, 10:00, More)

make someone happy

(Mon 7th Jan 2002, 6:38, More)

jack in the box deluxe

(Thu 20th Dec 2001, 10:15, More)


(Wed 19th Dec 2001, 11:09, More)

at 40mph
it could have been saved.

(Thu 13th Dec 2001, 7:57, More)

good lord

(Thu 13th Dec 2001, 5:11, More)

i want a cat on my computer

(Mon 10th Dec 2001, 8:58, More)

one day I may make this

(Fri 7th Dec 2001, 8:23, More)

I've just seen Sorgboi's ant

Please make more animals in this style, as that's the best gif I've seen in ages. Make us a web zoo. With working feeding times.
(Thu 6th Dec 2001, 11:00, More)

babys never learn to keep clear from b3ta?

(Tue 4th Dec 2001, 9:22, More)

and jesus sat on god's right hand...

(Tue 13th Nov 2001, 5:41, More)

is a good keyword for google:

(Mon 5th Nov 2001, 10:25, More)

i made this

This is a great site: here

Celebrity stalking using etch a sketch
(Mon 5th Nov 2001, 6:34, More)

it's called a
peeper frog which I think is a lovely name

(Wed 31st Oct 2001, 8:09, More)

this is funny for all the wrong reasons

a marketing chairman's idea of what makes a good flash game in order to promote his idea of a 'good game' (to promote his company) which is perhaps the most unoriginal game i have seen (its slickness only goes to make it more dull).
Compare his game to cats and wonder why this man feels in a position to comment on what makes an entertaining game.
(not promoting a marketing company or being topical over original, I think is a good start)
As for his own accusations of being 'sick' .. ooh, don't get me started.
(Wed 19th Sep 2001, 10:07, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Evil Pranks

Piracy is theft
In the 80s, I was asked to make a copy of Fruit Machine Simulator on the spectrum 48k for my brother's friend.

However, instead of copying it, we wrote a programme something along the lines of

10 PRINT "The reason you are seeing this message"
20 PRINT "is because you have pirated this software"
30 PRINT "We have detected that your address"
40 PRINT "is 16 Butterfield Close"
50 PRINT "and the police have been informed"

..and saved that on the tape.

The friend's dad loaded the game and apparently was thinking about phoning the police in order to hand himself in.
(Fri 14th Dec 2007, 12:28, More)

» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

How many gammon does it take to change a lightbulb?
Millions. First to successfully campaign to leave the EU, and then to wait in the dark for the proper inefficient incandescent light bulbs to make a comeback.
(Tue 8th May 2018, 10:52, More)

» Walkman Flashbacks

A friend of mine told me that he really liked that "build me a buttercup" song. Why? I asked, it's horrible.

"It was playing at my girlfriend's house, when their dog came in and started trying to hump me" he explained.

So now, whenever I hear that song, I think of my friend being assaulted by a great dane in front of his girlfriend's horrified parents.

I have no idea why that makes him like it.
(Thu 24th Mar 2005, 11:53, More)

» Hotel Splendido

A few years ago, myself and two friends went on holiday to Bournemouth. The landlady of the hotel seemed nice enough and showed us to our rooms. During the night, however, we could hear quite a bit of shouting from somewhere in the hotel.

The next day, I went out for a walk and what appeared to be a drunken tramp shouts something at me from down the street as I was leaving. As is usually wise, I chose not to turn around to a drunken shout of "Oy!", but instead I walked faster in the opposite direction and hoped that he'd ignore me.

However, the tramp ran after me and wrestled me to the floor.

The tramp then accused me of burgling his house.

It was only then that I realised that it wasn't a friendly old tramp at all, but rather the alcoholic wife beating husband of the woman who had showed us to our rooms.

Somewhere in his brain, he mustn't have realised that it was a hotel where he lived, but thought it was just his house.

The next day, he got his wife to appologise on his behalf. Like he seemed to get her to do everything for him. The twat.
(Fri 18th Jan 2008, 13:39, More)

» The Meaning Of Giff

A website which has been ruined by bad UX. "Amazon has been buxted since they've started trying to trick users into getting Prime by mistake."
(Mon 30th Apr 2018, 22:20, More)
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