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[challenge entry] All that time playing music they never learned to drive.

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(, Thu 3 Feb 2011, 3:24, archived)
# *howls*
WIN!!! :D
(, Thu 3 Feb 2011, 3:36, archived)
# Cheers!
/blush That really means a lot coming from you. :D

Been wondering how you managed to make wheels look like they were in motion. Real drag, man.
(, Thu 3 Feb 2011, 3:40, archived)
# lighter colour lines are your friend
draw three closeish together and flash them on and off..

although these lines are darker.. ad there's only one of them and the one on the back wheel is too wiggly.
(, Thu 3 Feb 2011, 4:21, archived)
# Neat, I'll give that a go, cheers!
(, Thu 3 Feb 2011, 8:37, archived)