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# Some pissed tourist-friendly 'punk' asked me for change outside Camden Tube a while ago
and seemed really offended when I told him to fuck off
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 22:28, archived)
# That is precisely the right response.
Fuck Camden, and everything about it.
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 22:58, archived)
# I noticed they ask for a quid
whenever a tourist asks for a photo with one of them, on account of their slightly jaded appearance; weird how perception works
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 23:02, archived)
# My general response is:
"The 70s? They went that way, you cunt"

Mainly due to the fact that the majority of the trustafarians hanging around in Camden weren't even born when Punk was going on. Just sayin'....
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 23:16, archived)
# Quite
and Italian; sort of sends my brain into a jumble for a moment or two

Before I remember IT IS ALL A FANTASY, and a tourist attraction, before all the tourists piss me off dealing with the tube station
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 23:49, archived)