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# i had a dali print once
it was a lobster on top of a phone. didn't understand it, really.
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:36, archived)
# Of course you couldn't understand a lobster on the phone.
I can't speak lobster either.
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:41, archived)
# hahahahaha!
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:42, archived)
# i have 'the metamorphosis of narcissus' on my wall.

i don't understand it, but i like it.
That's how you know it's art.
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:43, archived)
# oooh, nice!
i love the old mythology stories!
EDIT: that's properly nice
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:45, archived)
# :D
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 21:06, archived)
# surrealist quote:-
"surrealism is the chance meeting of an iron and umbrella on a dissecting table"
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:48, archived)
# that is surreal
i love dali, his stuff just pisses all over those wanky art lovers who think they can explain all art.
fucking wankers.
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:48, archived)
# I've always liked Dali, people didn't seem to like his self-publicity.
My favorite is 'Outskirts of the paranoiac - Critical town' and have a print of 'Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate, one second before waking 1944' on my wall.
I like Max Ernst and Man Ray too.

(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 20:58, archived)
# i've been dying to go to the dali museum
every time i go to barcelona, i say i want to go, but some fucker always drags me down las ramblas instead. the market is pretty good, though.
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 21:02, archived)
# how many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 21:03, archived)
# i'm laughing at this
but i may be a bit drunk
(, Fri 11 Feb 2011, 21:04, archived)