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# Flabtastic
Have you guys seen that troma esque film 'street trash'? Where the local offie owner finds an old stash of mystery liqour and starts peddling it to the local tramps? Amazing. O, I got, and watched the superstat:karen Carpenter story last night. Even better than I remember it, its pretty shoddy quality, but its not available on the net, although it will be as soon as I work out how to transfer from pal to avi!
(, Tue 21 May 2002, 12:21, archived)
# the g/f
wants a copy o that - u need a capture card that takes composite in.. I got one..
(, Tue 21 May 2002, 12:31, archived)
# yes
i found it on dvd used and gave it to a friend of mine for his birthday, a terrible classic.
(, Tue 21 May 2002, 13:35, archived)