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# it is a bit off putting
when someone gives a negative response to something ACTUAL that you made. Sure, a 10 min 'shop can be slagged off and it doesnt mean anything, but BF's lovely Daft punk cozzie, and my Trixie figures were labours of love that cost money and time.

Still - i dont come on b3ta for admiration - i get that enough on the CG forums i frequent. I come on here to be called a cunt and look at Freebase 'shops!
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 12:00, archived)
# I take anything QOTW says with a pinch of salt. With things like your figures and my costume, they're a sort of accquired taste
in that there's LOADS of people genuinely interested in the stuff you've done, most of them are right here on /board.
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 12:07, archived)
# hey tates
what are the CG forums? I might add that to the list, I'm just drawing up a full spectrum internet spam strategy for when I finish the stewardess models
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 12:10, archived)

Theyre mostly 3d / digital boards, so im not sure where you could put your lovely models. Dont know many model / figure forums.
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 12:21, archived)