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# Why would English-speaking people follow you on Twitter?
All of your posts are in Japanese.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 12:44, archived)
# I can read English. You know? -_-
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 12:47, archived)
# But we can't read Japanese. XD
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 13:00, archived)
I can write English. :(
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 13:04, archived)
# You pretty much can, yeah.
I'm moderately impressed by that. I couldn't hang out on a Japanese message board, all the idioms and references would be completely over my head, and yet you can somehow comprehend b3ta enough to like it.

I'm making several assumptions here.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 13:11, archived)
# Really? O_O
I want to be friendly always.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 13:17, archived)
# What, forever?
How about "for a reasonable length of time, bearing in mind that people grow and change, and allowing that either party may withdraw from the arrangement in the future should they so choose, without incurring wrath." Have you read The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Andersen? It's about a girl who can't get rid of some shoes just because she saw them once and thought they were shiny, and she has to have her feet cut off but they still keep following her around. It's a pretty fucked up story. You've got to be careful what bargains you enter into, is all I'm saying.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 13:28, archived)
# And a friend's a friend forever
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 13:32, archived)
# They come back a week after her feet were cut off
it's not explicitly stated, but presumably the rotting stumps are still inside. I don't want to spoil the ending, but they actually kick her to death.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 13:36, archived)
# Let's be friends forever
we can talk about this at length soon
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 13:38, archived)
# Please briefly summarizes the story
Why The Red Shoes...
Of course I know...
But Now should talk about it? ^^;
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 13:35, archived)
# Well, to quote H. H. Munroe:
"My aunt was asking me only this morning to suggest names for four young owls she's just had sent her as pets. I shall call them all Tarrington; then if one or two of them die or fly away, or leave us in any of the ways that pet owls are prone to, there will be always one or two left to carry on your name. And my aunt won't let me forget it; she will always be asking 'Have the Tarringtons had their mice?' and questions of that sort. She says if you keep wild creatures in captivity you ought to see after their wants, and of course she's quite right there."
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 14:15, archived)