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# I don't know, let's translate your post into japanese and then back into english so we can be certain.
GENIUS is, got it!
Oh man, I had the interesting idea.
Please try to imagine did not realize you were accused of plagiarism a frowsy, this was a joke.

That's right ... you are kidding?

(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 18:41, archived)
# Heh heh, "frowsy"...
*consults dictionary* scruffy in appearance.

Oh, so me then.
(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 18:44, archived)
# maybe it thinks I made a frowsy plagarism!
sounds dirty.

edit: would it be plagarism or some kind of fucking surreal meta-trolling ?
(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 18:46, archived)
# The same could be said about parody, which so far is okay.
But that sounds valid too. If it was the intention, of course.

The "film" "company" The Asylum have been ripping off movies for years yet somehow avoid being legally bumfucked. I wanna know how they do it.
(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 18:55, archived)
# heh, give me about.. half an hour or so..
inconsequential art. comming soon
(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 18:57, archived)
# *scribbles*
I think I'll upload this next scribble. It's rather humourous.
(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 19:13, archived)
# christ.. still not done
I'll be done before 9pm, I'm certain.
(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 19:53, archived)
# Here's mine.
Heard of a fella with this tattoo. I almost shat laughing.
(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 19:54, archived)
# fuck me, I would have been done if I was using photoshop
9:30 pm, I will be done at latest, unless I get a snack.

This really isn't going to be worth the wait but fuck it, I'm going to post it and let forth the something.
(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 20:47, archived)
# Oh I dunno, I'm sure it will be. ^^
Did you get a scanner sorted out? I'm thinking of investing in a portable one of sorts... if such a thing exists.
(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 20:59, archived)
got a scanner.. but I'm not convinced by it, plus I'm using paint.net which is a fucking pain

it really is a pain.

and it still does stupid things.

right, ALL DRAWN.
can't be arsed to put them together as one image, it'd be huge anyway.
Let's Hope I don't get killed in the face.
(, Sat 30 Jun 2012, 21:40, archived)