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[challenge entry] Queensland Leadership Hierarchy 2012 (gender-swap by partner)

better quality

for the uninitiated:
Head of State = Queen Elizabeth II (spouse to Prince Phillip)
Governer General = Quentin Bryce (spouse to Michael Bryce)
Prime Minister = Julia Gillard (partner to Tim Mathieson)
Governer of QLD = Penelope Wensley (partner to Stuart McCosker)
QLD Premier = Anna Bligh (partner to Greg Withers)

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(, Mon 4 Mar 2013, 7:06, archived)
[challenge entry] bonus: King Phillip I
(, Mon 4 Mar 2013, 7:09, archived)
# Ingenious!
We really need a hair dresser as PM.
Imagine how much more interesting Question Time would be with all the gossip!
(, Mon 4 Mar 2013, 7:37, archived)
# Desmond Ambrose for PM
In fact I'll vote the whole of Desmonds in for the cabinet
(, Mon 4 Mar 2013, 7:45, archived)
# also
strikes me that even though I picked pretty random source pics of the gents, they seem so much more cheerful than their spouses - even Phillip. No "in power" stresses and pressures I guess.
(, Mon 4 Mar 2013, 12:25, archived)
Anna got voted out, tory scum voted in. Premier = Campbell Newman
(, Mon 4 Mar 2013, 9:34, archived)
# hence 2012 and not 2013
but yeah, it sucks :-(
(, Mon 4 Mar 2013, 10:00, archived)