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# Final Version - Pertwee, Capaldi and Baker are ready to take your dancefloor with moves you have never seen before!

click for bigger - wallpaper

...aaaaand I'm done.
(, Wed 12 Mar 2014, 4:17, archived)
# Yay! This has been a project entirely worth doing. Bravo.
Bonus points if anyone can name the two women to have played the Doctor in the extended canon (without using Wikipedia)
(, Wed 12 Mar 2014, 9:11, archived)
# thanks!
I can only think of Joanna Lumley in Curse of Fatal Death. I guess there's probably an Unbound one, but I've listened to very little Big Finish unfortunately.
(, Wed 12 Mar 2014, 11:07, archived)
# twenty points for Gryffindor
The one you missed was Arabella Weir in a Big Finish thingy
(, Wed 12 Mar 2014, 11:44, archived)