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[challenge entry]

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(, Thu 20 May 2021, 23:39, archived)
# bravo
what're the odds?
(, Fri 21 May 2021, 14:35, archived)
# Trying to think of others but, odds might be sliim.
In the process I found out what an actual violent arsehat he is.
Anyway, bit niche? I don't think kids these days are fascinated by aspirational ink-pen brands like I used to be.

I used to fancy her in Rock Follies (Julie Covington a bit more tbh). That was yet another rabbit hole I went down, so to speak. Cheers for the bravo JH4C. Phew.
(, Fri 21 May 2021, 18:45, archived)
[challenge entry] Almost
(, Sat 22 May 2021, 8:44, archived)
I was trying to think of a Blanc.
Damn you. Damn you to hell Mr Wonder.
(, Sat 22 May 2021, 12:37, archived)