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(, Sun 12 Feb 2023, 10:40, archived)
[challenge entry]
(, Sun 12 Feb 2023, 10:54, archived)
# last one (some may remember sleeper by woody allen)
(, Sun 12 Feb 2023, 11:03, archived)
# Please Hammer Don't Pop 'Em
Despite not following it or being a fan, Facebook keeps showing me content from an Oasis fans page.

They keep tagging pictures of Sam Smith (and other pop stars who employ a fashion designer) with comments like -
"How did we go from Jarvis mooning MJ, Ginger Boll*cks trying to throw Oasis off the stage to this……"

The comments are like a real-life Viz Britpop Pop Bri cartoon.
(, Sun 12 Feb 2023, 15:15, archived)
# fbs full of cookie stuff, maybe thats why, plus algorithm things, also viz has excellent stuff. 👍
(, Sun 12 Feb 2023, 15:44, archived)
# meanwhile
(, Mon 13 Feb 2023, 19:39, archived)