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# mini comp!
Dress your pets to look like Wilf Lunn.
(, Mon 19 May 2003, 18:32, archived)
(, Mon 19 May 2003, 18:33, archived)
# got my cat!
hold on...

Ow! bastard cat! I told him he wanted to look like Wilf Lunn, and he didn't seem too impressed
(, Mon 19 May 2003, 18:34, archived)
# woo
but i don't have a pet to dress up...

or a camera to take the picture anyway...

or a printer to print it on anyway...

ah well. being poor can be depressing..
(, Mon 19 May 2003, 18:39, archived)
# Wilf Lunn
glasses and 'tache will help, honest!
(, Mon 19 May 2003, 18:40, archived)
# i'll buy some black card on the way home from work...

edit: ooh, i've just noticed when you post a message it doesn't put the message number on the URL any more to zap straight to it..
(, Mon 19 May 2003, 18:41, archived)
# does for me?
it did it just then
(, Mon 19 May 2003, 18:42, archived)
# well, lucky you ;)
even my computer is poor... sigh...

ah did it then, maybe im just going mad or something, weird.
(, Mon 19 May 2003, 18:44, archived)