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# There were loads
on a washing line on Charlotte Street about 6 months ago. I should have nicked one.
(, Mon 1 Sep 2003, 13:10, archived)
# How strange..
(, Mon 1 Sep 2003, 13:12, archived)
# Not really
lots of pretentious ad agencies on Charlotte Street, so we get lots of wacky "interventions" round here.

cf those bloody pavement chalk adverts for Channel 4.
(, Mon 1 Sep 2003, 13:14, archived)
# The best one I've seen is in the radio times
There's little post it notes - and you know some poor bugger had to stick 10000's of those into issues of the Radio Times. Makes it alllll worthwhile.
(, Mon 1 Sep 2003, 13:16, archived)
# I work
just south of the Telecom tower - there's those post-it notes stuck in the windows of the tower too.
(, Mon 1 Sep 2003, 13:19, archived)