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[challenge entry] Pixies 'n' Elves
Namco wouldn't tell us, but we know the truth is in there...

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(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 19:53, archived)
# I bloody knew it....
... and me mum said it wasnt true
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 19:56, archived)
# You also think electrical goods
are run by pixies. Thank the lord, i shant be getting sectioned alone!
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 20:35, archived)
# damn those ac/dc pixies
they infest my entire flat. especially the oven, toaster and shower. and they hate me. and they talk to me in my sleep. and they take over my pc and write stupid posts. arrrrrgh. bastards.
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 21:15, archived)
# they learn to love you
when you take them in hand. I have mine so well trained, the TV comes on at the push of a button and the light comes one when i open the fridge
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 21:19, archived)
# damn them
they kept me up for ages as i thought they were playing pixie tricks with the light in the fridge. how do you train them? is this some kind of pokemon phenomena?
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 21:23, archived)
# threaten them with
gas appliances ;)
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 21:25, archived)
# drat
the only gas appliance i have is self-powered. need more beer ;)
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 21:28, archived)