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# hahaha
honestly though Blair seems like a very good speaker..
(, Mon 19 Apr 2004, 12:17, archived)
# unlike Bush
anyone see his press conference last week? It was shown on HIGNFY, he just stood there like a mong trying to think of something to say.
(, Mon 19 Apr 2004, 12:19, archived)
# oh yeah
wasn't the question, "can you think of any mistakes you've made?". He stood there for ages. 'twas ridiculous.
(, Mon 19 Apr 2004, 12:22, archived)
# Haahaha
That was genius.

What an utter fuckwit he looked.

If only he'd belmed, it would confirm everyone's suspicions.
(, Mon 19 Apr 2004, 12:33, archived)
# He's a better speaker than Bush, granted
but that's not exactly hard. And he's wormed his way out of so many situations that should've scuppered him through spin, lies and certain rather dubious "reports" bloody Hutton. Also, he's completely changed what the Labour party's all about, meaning there's currently no viable left-wing party in the UK (there's lots of left-wing parties, but they all find it very hard to get on)
(, Mon 19 Apr 2004, 12:21, archived)
# yeah in fact here in the us
people has been centering on his style of speech.

/i just like the accent
(, Mon 19 Apr 2004, 12:24, archived)