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# yeah boohissss fags...
10 days and counting
(, Tue 24 Sep 2002, 20:20, archived)
# Just imagine, a warm summer morning. The dewdrops still clinging
to the grass. You pull a long, slender cigarette from your pocket, place it to your lips, and inhale the deep, satisfying warmth...
Ah, the golden country.

Sorry, I'm evil and I wanted to see what effect this would have.
(, Tue 24 Sep 2002, 20:24, archived)
# bwahaha
you're evil :)
(, Tue 24 Sep 2002, 20:27, archived)
# ooh dear u are evil!
the father inlaw having a triple bypass last week after giving up 20 years ago was good enough reason to stop. not going back!

ok just the one...
(, Tue 24 Sep 2002, 20:28, archived)
# Ah but you will
You will return, like an old friend, like a warm, inviting....womb of sorts...
(, Tue 24 Sep 2002, 20:30, archived)