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# A little late for the bandwagon...

But after watching the ghost cam, I finally saw the ghost.
(, Sun 13 Oct 2002, 7:53, archived)
# Yes, I know it sucks,
but I tried my best. Damn it.
(, Sun 13 Oct 2002, 7:56, archived)
# Yes it sucked...
so much it had to go straight to the front page.

It'd make the file size tremendously smaller if you changed it to a jpeg file, you know
(, Sun 13 Oct 2002, 8:18, archived)
# Yes
but if I changed it to a jpeg, it would lose the quality. That is what my first image was and it really did suck. Bad.

*edit-cool, I made it to the front page! Yippee!!
(, Sun 13 Oct 2002, 8:20, archived)
# Depending on the program...
you can alter compression, meaning you can change the image quality. It's true that larger files produce better looking images, but anything over 50-70k for an image that size is wayyy too much! If you use photoshop for that sorta thing, you can preview the effects of compression and file size before you commit.
(, Sun 13 Oct 2002, 8:36, archived)
# Ah HA!
Duh! Sometimes I get that Not-So-Smart feeling. Thanks for showing me the light.

BTW, happy birthday!
(, Sun 13 Oct 2002, 8:50, archived)