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# I grew up in Salinas...
off of Monterey, etc... which is considerably foggier than east oakland,
less so than SF
(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 5:10, archived)
# Arghhhhhhhhhh
My ex-in laws live on Corral de Tierras between Salinas and Monterrey. They bought their place when it was just ranchers and people growing pot. Now they are surrounded by millionaire Produce Barons. I miss the hills so much. I am stranded in Chicago now.
(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 5:14, archived)
# Hm
I lived by the hills on the opposite side,
surrounded by cow pastures and strawberries. Really rural.
(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 5:22, archived)
# Ahhhh.
Salinas. As in. Steinbeck country.

(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 5:15, archived)
# Yes
I got the hell out as soon as I was able
(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 5:18, archived)
# Unless you llike picking lettuce
...or artichokes.
(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 5:24, archived)
# or working in the local mall...
the hub of the town's social life.
(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 5:27, archived)
# Salinas itself is pretty...ummmm
Hey, you can't beat the Star Market!
(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 5:31, archived)
# We used to drive across town to get our groceries there
avoid the chains, you know. I'm serious.
(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 5:35, archived)
# Not only that but
they push the cart to your car and help you get the bags into the trunk.

Now I am practically sick with nostalgia. Must. Stop. Now.
(, Mon 21 Oct 2002, 5:40, archived)